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“The Last Aeon”


5 Small Stars
The Last Aeon

The dust has settled after the last book where the Ibarra Nation rescued the crew of one of their starship carriers from a Union prison. As you remember, those crew members were all proccies which is short for processed humans. According to the Hale Treaty and specifically under the Omega Provision, all proxies found alive after the signing of the treaty was to be executed. President Garret ordered this to be carried out which the Armor Corps Templars refused to do. He, therefore, ordered the Templars to be imprisoned along with the Ibarran crew. Our main character, Roland Shaw, who thought he was back with the Union Armor Corps, was also arrested and thrown in prison. He was accused of treason and was to be executed along with the proccies.

It didn’t take long for the Ibarrans to locate their missing crewmen and set about rescuing them. When they found out that the Union Armor Templars were also in the same prison, they offered them their freedom if they swore an allegiance to the Ibarran Nation. The Templars agreed as long as the Ibarran Nation stayed true to their cause of fighting for all humanity regardless of whether they were natural born or created. So now the Ibarran Nation has a much larger military and the Earth Union forces are smaller and heading into dangerous territory by bending to the will of the other aliens who are attempting to weaken the humans any way they can.

Stacy Ibarra, now leads the Iberian Nation. She has come into contact with some ancient Qa’resh technology that has turned her body into a mechanical android of sorts. The same for her Father. In this form, they can stay alive forever if necessary. Still, she doesn’t fully understand this Qa’resh technology and needs to find the one person that knows most about it. That one person is the only living Aeon. This last Aeon must be brought into the Ibarran fold so they can better utilize ancient Qa’resh tech and help humanity defeat the Kesaht and defend against what they believe will be future attacks by various alien races bent on the destruction of all humanity.

So, Roland Shaw, and the Templars are sent to find and retrieve this last Aeon. Marc Ibarra believes he can talk this last Aeon into coming back with him. He seems to know who she is and has something that she wants, or so he says. The supposed rescue of this last living Aeon doesn’t go as easy as it would sound. The Kesaht and their masters also know about this person and want to capture her to do their bidding or to kill her if she doesn’t cooperate.

I like the authors writing. The main character is involved in a lot of fighting, but it’s explained well and is easy to follow. The story doesn’t end here and the next book in the series, “Ferrum Corde”, should have been out this past summer, but I can’t find it on Amazon yet.

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