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“The Ruins of Anthalas”


5 Small Stars
The Ruins of Anthalas

I really like reading a military science fiction series, especially when two or three books are already written. That’s the case when I found “The Ember War” series. I’ve read and reviewed the first book, “The Ember War”, and now I’ve just finished the second. This book pretty much carries on where the previous book left off which is always good.

Having saved what remains of Humanity, they now have to prepare for the next visit by the Xaros. That probably won’t happen in a hundred or more years, but when they came and the Earth had over 7 billion people, that didn’t stop them from almost wiping out every last one. Humanities population is now around 400 or I think that’s the number in the Earth remaining fleet. But, first they need to find something that will help them to fight against the Xaros. That something just might still exist on the planet Anthalas, so the Breitenfeld is going to go exploring.

It seems that the previous occupants of Anthalas were left alone since they were already extinct when the Xaros arrived in their solar system. The Xaros have a strange habit of not doing anything to the remains of ancient civilizations. Earth’s Central Command believes there may be some advanced weapons or other advanced items left behind by the Anthalasians. They decided to send the Breitenfield to have a look; this is recon only and the ship is not to engage in combat if it can be avoided. The Xaros are not currently in the Anthalas system and aren’t expected back anytime soon. The Breitenfield doesn’t want to attract any attention if at all possible; get in, find what’s left, collect it, and get out.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever so easy. The Toth have arrived with the same idea, only they are or were working with the Xaros. The Toth are the sworn enemy of the Karigole, an alien race now allied with humanity. So, now Alliance Marines must not only fight off the Xaros, but the Toth also. This battlefield is getting crowded. Lots of military action. Some characters get taken out with serious wounds and some new characters get introduced. We find out more about Marc Issac’s Granddaughter, Stacy, and she appears to be a key player in all of this story.

I’m already on to the third book since I can’t really find anything more interesting right now. I think you’ll enjoy the series. Some of the characters are beginning to have a history and we’re learning a little more about the leaders in this book. There certainly not very many humans left so they have to find some thing to help them fight off what could be millions of Xaros drones in the next battle for Earth.

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