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“Countdown: The Doomsday Playbook”


4 Small Stars
Countdown: The Doomsday Playbook

Not my kind of book.  This one starts off with some exciting Special Forces action in Iran or somewhere similar.  There seem to be several guys that could be the main character to the story, but they are all soon eliminated when the enemy base they attack is completely destoryed.  Only Lenny survives.

Back home, Lenny becomes a Survivalist because he can see the world is getting ready to destroy itself and he wants to try and survive, for a while anyway.  He’s got some land and has built an underground shelter and now he just waits for doomsday!

The rest of the story goes as predicted.  The world does come to a quick end with nuclear explosions covering most of Florida.  Strangely, we don’t actually know what happens.  Lenny, who should have been listening to the news every second, took some sleeping pills and was dead to the world while it was blowing up.  Coming awake he can’t get CNN or anything else for news but he can see dead bodies and people wondering around outside his fence which certainly isn’t usual.

The rest of the book is about Lenny’s fight for survival.  It’s believed that the attack on America wasn’t by some hostile foreign power but by aliens.  The aliens are never clearly explained and the don’t necessarily cause that much of a problem but the surviving humans must stay away from them.  So Lenny and the group of survivers he pairs up with begin to run, somewhere, anywhere the aliens are not.

The writing is pretty good, although somewhat predictable.  There is some underlying strangeness going on with Lenny’s girl friend.  One minute she seems sane and an asset, the next she acting weird and should be shot!  Most of the stories are very short.  Even this complete set of Parts 1 and 2 were extremely short, so short that I don’t know if I’d want to pay for something that reads like a set of short-stories.

Still, it is an interesting read, not all that graphic, there are no zombies and there is some mystery to what’s going on.  But, this is not real strong science fiction, at least not so far. I’m not sure I’d read more; maybe if I had nothing else to read but again, this is not my type of story.


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