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“A Galaxy to Conquer”


5 Small Stars
A Galaxy to Conquer

[Ed:  I may have gotten this book and the next one reviewed together because I read them one after the other and it’s hard to remember where one stops and the other starts!]

I read this book right after I read book 6. They are hard not to read one after the other so you and I are fortunate that the series has already been written thus far. And, this is the last book in this part of the story.

Last we read, Adam Cain and the remaining Earth defenders, such as they were, had just defeated a huge Kracori armada. Although all three ships in that armada were defeated, they did manage to drop some nasty nukes on the Earth, and it has taken a toll of life that Humans won’t forget or forgive. It could have been worse.

Now, the Humans are out for blood. We’re no longer going to accept an alien’s plea for mercy. We’ve had it! The Human Armada sets out for the Jusepi home world. This is the race that staged a bloody distraction for the Kracori that pulled Earth’s forces away from the Earth when they were needed most. They are going to pay for their part in that disaster.

Additionally, the O’mly who provided a staging ground for the Kracori are also in for a nasty surprise. And don’t assume we’re just going to go to these planets/systems and defeat their military. No, the Humans are out for blood, alien blood and we’re going to get it.

Adam Cain and his ex-Nave Seal friends are on a mission to find Riyad whom they believe has been captured by the Kracori. They don’t want to leave him anywhere near the Kracori because that race is soon going to be extinct, either by the Humans or now by the Jurieans! Yes, the Jurieans have also found the location of the Kracori and they are out for payback also.

If you remember, the Kracori were the ones that actually dropped an asteroid on the planet Juir, home of the Jurieans, thereby making that planet uninhabitable for years to come. Yes, the Jurieans definitely want some payback for that little act.

So, once again we have numerous parts of the story going on. There are a lot of surprises in this book. Some involve the Humans as a species while others involve personal relationships between Adam and his closest friend. I was totally surprised at one relationship that takes place towards the latter part of the book and I think you will be too.

Unfortuantely, this book, as the last one, needs better editing. There are a lot of two- and three-letter words missing. Sometimes you just skip right over them and kind of knowing they should be there. But, other times, they just make a sentence confusing and you have to re-read what the author wrote. I do wish the editing were better.

Still, once again, this was a great book and a great series. I’m fortunate to know that there is another book after this one that takes Adam Cain on an entirely new adventure, although I will miss some of this previous friends. This is great writing so I’ll have no problem reading more about Adam Cain.

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