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“TransMat World”


4 Small Stars
Transmat World

Well, this certainly is science fiction; strange science fiction! Over all, I kind of enjoyed this book, but I think it was just too silly for me. I read mostly military sic-fi books so this was definitely not in my normal reading genre. It was interesting. I mean, how could a book not be interesting that starts off with an extinction event right in the first few pages! Yeah, a big old rock just came our way and whack right into the planet Earth. Knocked us almost back to the stone age, or it would have if a very far sighted and highly intelligent guy hadn’t foreseen this event and prepared the world for it. Yes, that guy was pretty darn smart.

So the world didn’t actually go back as far as it should have. There were massive underground dwellings that preserved a lot of people, live stock, animals and other such necessities to get humans back on their feet pretty rapidly. Then some guy invented a matter transfer machine. You know, the one used in Star Trek shows, the Teleporter. Well, only this matter transfer machine wasn’t just used to move people from one place to another; it moved everything. And, for some unexplained reason, it drew no power from anything or that’s what was thought. But, you should memorize the following paragraph from the book.

“Oh, by the way, the quantum entanglement frequency is an inverse function of the secondary isonium modulation circuits. Lengthen and shorten the resonate fields to change the frequency.”

Glen (2015-12-18T18:27:36.628166+00:00). Glen Hendrix (Kindle Locations 5213-5214). Kindle Edition.

The writing and editing is pretty good. There are some continuity problems in a few places, one where it says who they rescued from drowning was wrong and other where they mentioned who died. I did say this was strange science fiction, didn’t I, so don’t be surprised with the guy who flew to the moon in just a space suite. And I thought the talking android bugs people wear on their heads was kind of stretching things a bit. But, then again, when your book includes a Dyson Sphere containing a planetary system with the sun as it’s power source and it’s all the creation of a deranged android, then nothing in this book should be surprising.

Let’s just agree, the author has one heck of an imagination. Good reading and will give you a chuckle or two. In the end, I did like this book. I think you will to.

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