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“End of the Line”


5 Small Stars
End of the Line

If you’re looking for a cheery, fun book, this ain’t it! In fact, it’s about as far from that kind of book that you can get. It is the exact kind of military science fiction book I like only I like them with better outcomes, a hell of a lot better outcomes than this one!

I’m trying not to spoil the ending. You’re part of a put together squad of various Earth Defense Forces. Yes, Earth’s Defense Forces are down to just a squad. You’ve got a leader in a First Sergeant who happens to be very good. All his troops are enlisted, well, except for the Navy Ensign Medic. I’m not sure how she got in the squad, but she’s good at what she does so that’s all that matters. She’s also not a leader-type so she’s very comfortable taking orders from the First Sergeant. These guys and gals are all equipped with the latest in modern combat gear, the CR-31 Fighting Suit. Seems to be a self-contained environmental suit that does everything necessary to keep the Marine alive provided they don’t get the suit seriously vented with the human inside! Sure wish I had one of these back in the day.

They are fighting or rather, running away from the Kai. This seems to be a race of aliens who are very good at space combat, but not so good at ground combat. Still, they seem to have one advantage the humans do not and that is numbers. Anytime a human ground force attacked a Kai force, the Kai retaliated with ten times the number of soldiers that the humans used. With that going on, Earth is not doing very well. In fact, our squad is all that’s apparently left of the Earth Defense Force and all of humanity!

The Kai are also rounding up all the remaining Humans and marching them into ovens. You got that right, ovens. The only thing left is black ashes. Apparently, they have already gone through Texas and I’m sure had to kill every single human there because you know we all have weapons in this state and no way were they going to march a bunch of Texans into an oven without one heck of a fight.

Anyway, back to our squad. They are just running away from the Kai because they can’t fight toe-to-toe and win. They also don’t want to just give up, and they really want to live. It doesn’t look good for the long term and I think they know it. But, since most of the squad is just a bunch of kids, young adults, they can do what they like most and that’s having sex. I mean, once you get the women and men out of their combat suits, they do what humans have always done. It helps a little until little by little they are getting killed off.

Ok, you need to read this book unless you’re subject to bad bouts of depression. Don’t read it for sure in that case. I told the author he can’t leave it like this and he seems to already know that so there will be a sequel of sorts, called Genesis-6 to be released sometime in December 2015. That’s very good!

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