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Man, I really like this author. I just recently found Isaac Hooke by reading his “A Captain’s Crucible” series, which I hope hasn’t ended yet. There were three books in that series and each was excellent. There was even one minor character, Rade Galaal, who was identified as a MOTH (MQbile Tactical Human) [How’s that for making up something!] and he had a few important scenes in that series. Now, I’ve found two series completely about the MOTHs and specifically following Rade Galaal. In the “Atlas” series, another 3 books, Rade Galaal becomes a MOTH through some rather extreme training very similar to SEAL training. He also goes on some very hairy missions and even comes back alive! Now, we’re back with RAGE, as that’s his callsign and what he goes by while a MOTH, in a new series, “ Alien War Trilogy”.

These books are not short, but that are so fast paced that they seem to fly by when I’m reading them. I think I started this first book the day before yesterday and finished it last night. I’m already into book two, “Zeus”. That’s another great thing about this author; he publishes his books almost all at once. If it’s a three book trilogy, then all three books are available almost at the same time. I think that’s great and very amazing. I hate waiting for the next book in a good series.

So, RAGE has moved on from this last “Atlas” book and is now the LPO (Leading Petty Officer) for MOTH Team Seven. Now, I was in the Navy for four years, and I never heard of an LPO, so I don’t know if it’s something new to the Navy or something the author made up, but I guess it fits in that RAGE is now a First Class Petty Officer (E-6) which would usually make him a section leader or in-charge of a detail of others. Yeah, even the MOTHs are part of the Navy.

RAGE was always destined to be a leader as you’ll come to understand as you read through these books. He’s not perfect, far from it, but so far he’s much better suited to lead a bunch of mean and highly irregular MOTH team into battle than most of the other MOTHs on the team. They trust him which is all that can be said of a good leader doing what they do. In this book, MOTH Team Seven is dropped up a planet to act as a tactical reserve platoon in case the Marines encounter something unexpected. Well, it seems like the unexpected always happens when the MOTHs are around. They soon find themselves pinned against a steep rock wall with thousands of alien creatures resembling Hammerhead sharks pouring out of a dense jungle, all coming their way. Doesn’t look like RAGE and this MOTH Team will make it into the next book! Well, maybe some how.

Great read. Get all three books and you won’t regret it. If you love military science fiction, these are the books to buy.

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