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“Just Another Day”


5 Small Stars
Just Another Day

Cannot find this on Amazon any more!

Ok, right off, this is a short story, not a book! I didn’t realize that, mostly because I don’t read other write-ups so I’m sure it was told to people in other places. But, this is a very short story about once single mission.

The story is about Facehopper. That’s the call sign for Leading Petty Officer Marshall. How he got that nickname/callsign is another story inside this story. It’s pretty interesting. Then again, this entire short story is interesting, I just wish there was more to it. You can find more in the entire “Atlas” series by Isaac Hooke, and I highly recommend your read them if you like this book. Those certainly are not short stories.

Here we read about the exploits of Facehopper, Big Dog, Trace and Ghost. They are assigned the mission of taking down a Sino-Korean privateer who has gotten himself on the bad side of the whoever MOTH Team Seven works for. They are to take him out and do so with a vengeance. It would be so cool to be these guys.

If you don’t have a lot of time, then read this short story. If it leads to more reading about the MOTHS and more of Isaac Hooke’s books, that’s even better. I know I’m going to be looking for more.

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