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“Mechs vs Dinosaurs”


4 Small Stars
Mech vs Dinosaurs

Well, I’m getting a little more tired of this series. I think the author has run out of good evil aliens so he’s making some really weird stuff up and it’s just not working. As you probably guess by the title and cover of this book, the Argonauts do, in fact, have to battle some huge dinosaurs but even they are not what you’d expect. See, this author firmly believes that dinosaurs were the prehistoric equivalent of birds, very, very, very large birds. You’ll need to read the book to figure out just what that means.

Anyway, time travel is involved and so is a Purple Phant that we met in a book a long time ago. It seems this Phant has now turned up and is seeking revenge on Rade Galaal and his family! Yeah, he’s going to be messing with Shaw and the two little kids. That’s not fighting fair, but Rade doesn’t seem to be able to do anything about it.

And that’s kind of the whole problem with this book and the series as it’s going. Rade and Shaw are on the Argonaut along with the other guys and Rade/Shaw’s two kids. The Argonaut is no place for kids. Shaw needs to take the two kids and go back home or wherever she feels safe. Tahoe has a family also, but they aren’t running around on the Argonaut, that’s for sure. The Argonaut has the worlds worst security systems and the Argonauts don’t seem capable of fixing it so it can’t be take over by some rogue Phant. They are supposed to have all this super fancy Phant detecting equipment that Surus built, but it apparently doesn’t work very well. They could have all be killed in their sleep by this Purple Phant since they had no idea he was aboard until he decided to let them know. And, it gets back on-board during the latter part of the story which is even worse than it’s first penetration of their security. Additionally, the Argonauts AI, Bax, is about as stupid as they come. It can’t do anything to protect the Argonauts and what it does do is nothing but give up every single time.

There are a lot of wholes in this story. Some just don’t make sense. Some time travel rules sound like they were made up just to fit the story which I guess is the authors prerogative. But, they are confusing and we get time travel information in bits and pieces given out by Surus. It don’t think things would have worked out with all those confusing rules.

This book also continues the x-rated language and adult material. That’s also getting tiring. These are supposed to be professional soldiers or something resembling them and they talk like high school teenagers. I know some bantering should be expected between nervous men in tough situations, but come on, nobody talks like Bender all the time! He’s just a potty mouth braggart that should be able to carry on a decent conversation without all the foul language. Still, that’s the author’s style, but I would prefer that he tone it down a bit. It’s getting way past interesting and almost to boring. Clean up the book a little going forward,

Bottom-line, this story is just like the rest. The Argonauts get in trouble because they’re not paying attention to what is necessary, but they get bailed out by Surus and her tons of technical expertise. The only bad part is that Shaw and the two little kids are almost killed and that shouldn’t ever happen.

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