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“Rade Kills Bugs”


4 Small Stars

Can’t believe this is the first book of the new year! I haven’t read one of these “Argonaut” books in quite some time, but it was due up next on my reading list so here’s the first review of the new year.

I think everyone of these books should have a warning label at the front that warns of foul language and infantile bantering which could be offensive to very young kids or even to those not accustomed to such language. It almost seems to be on every page and certainly in every chapter. So, that’s my warning to my review readers. If you read these books, all of them in the series are like this one, don’t be offended by the language. It is what it is and you’ve been warned.

So, Shaw and Rade have finally figured out what it means to be responsible parents and have left the kids at home with Shaw. It was absolutely stupid to bring the kids along on some of their previous missions, but that’s what they did and it cost them. Now the kids are away from the Argonauts and home with Shaw which is as it should be. These guys certainly shouldn’t have kids around them just from their language much less from their actions. The Argonauts are a rough bunch. Still, they are somewhat intelligent and can be channeled into the right actions when Rade is in command.

He’s back with his Security Company now on a mission to rescue some wealthy guys daughter. She’s been kidnapped and take to who knows where and held by some pirates. The Argonauts locate the planet on which the pirates have settled down and now are tracking them down. It won’t be easy. While the planet seems uninhabited, it’s far from that. In fact, what they do find is almost the end of the Argonauts. There’s a lot of the usual foul language in this book and while the team members seem to not get along, they are only releasing some stress from the situations they find themselves in from time to time. Is the foul language necessary? Probably not as much as they use. It would be highly distracting for me especially if they were blasting this stuff in my ear through a common communication network, which is exactly what they do. But, this is the style of writing for this book, so don’t expect anything different.

The story seemed pretty short. They went some where, got into trouble, fought their way out, and now are headed back home. End of story. If you want a quick but interesting read, then this is the book for you. Just watch your language afterward. You don’t want to be talking like these guys in public because most of the time you’re probably not in armor and not heavily armed!

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