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Wonderful missions for the MOTH Team Seven never seem to end. Now we have a new mission and that is to land on a planet after it has been completely and thoroughly nuked by the fleet. The MOTH Team is then to act as exterminators finishing off any remaining enemy after the planet has gone into nuclear winter and the radiation levels are at instant death.

Of course, the MOTH Team members don’t particularly like the idea behind this new mission. They are used to fighting an enemy that will fight back. With the planetary populations and military bases targeted by the fleet’s nuns, there probably won’t be any enemy to fight and what there is will probably be sick with radiation and isolated. But, a mission is a mission and the team members don’t get to pick and chose which mission they go on. Intel reports that the enemy has a few domed cities, so the fleet expects to be able to nuc those and move on to providing overhead orbital cover for the Marines and MOTH Teams on the ground doing the cleanup. Sure, go old reliable military intelligence.

Things don’t quite work out the way they should when this MOTH Team is involved. Rade and his bunch get dropped and become scattered all over the place due to a complete whiteout of snow and ice on this frozen planet. The winds are blowing like craze after the nuclear bombardment and, oh, by the way, the enemy anti-aircraft weapons didn’t get destroyed. So, the shuttles the MOTH team were riding in got blown to pieces with the pieces still able flying all over to get down to the ground.

About half of the MOTH Team wound up with Rade and half with the Chief. Thing is they don’t know where they are nor do they know where the Chief. They don’t even know if the rest of the team made it down alive. Now, how do you decide which way to go when you have no communications with anyone, no maps, no visibility and giant creatures lying in wait to eat you? Seems like a familiar situation for the MOTHs.

The MOTH Team is one again in a new type mech. This is the Titan. It stands three times as tall as the previous Zeus, has more weapons and stuff, plus has a midsection that is thicker to protect the operator from the intense nuclear radiation they will find on the planet. By now, you should understand that it doesn’t matter what type of mech the MOTHs stuff themselves into, they are always, always countered by a bigger, more deadly and nastier enemy. I don’t know how this can be. The enemy must be getting some good intel about the MOTHs since they always seem to be ready to take them down. And, so far, none of the MOTH mission have been very successful, at least to the extent that their original objective was completely accomplished.

This does appear to be the end of the Alien Wars Trilogy. Well, it was a trilogy and this is book three, so what did you expect? I’ve read all Atlas Series, which is where you should start and I’ve read all three books of the “A Captain’s Crucible” series where Rade Galaal makes an appearance. I do hope to hear about him in future books. This is a very interesting story line.

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