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“Decayed Legacy”


Decayed Legacy

Having shutdown the slave market on Karkin Four, our Phantom Team members are wondering what should they do next. They have organized a tremendous effort to get those who stated in New York City out of the city and to some place they could get help. Now they have to decide if they need to blow the ring in New York so another bounty hunter can’t come through and give everyone on Earth big headaches!

Then the alien leader of the rebel team of Phantom Team members, Major Insarka Kindesh reminds the team that there are millions of humans stuck on a planet that can’t get back to Earth on their own. These people were transferred there as a holding pen for the original buyers and it’s not know what that buyer will do with them. Some humans have been known to have been purchased as food for certain alien species. Wic (Patrick Finnegan), Phantom Team leader desparately wants to get these humans back to Earth, but he doesn’t know how to do so, until Major Kindesh says she knows of a possible way!

So, once again the team starts their discussions about a future operation. They know they’ll have to go back through the ring, back to the same place they just fought and almost died. They do know it has suffered significant damage, but the slave market is out of business for now. Still, there are a lot of Androchidan Empire troops on Karkin Four and they are now at war with the Sic-Rung. But, if they can quietly move back through the ring and then find the ring that was used to move almost 2 million humans to planet Septus Minor, they might be able to save some of the humans taken from Earth, a lot of humans!

Team Phantom has grown, but at most there’s only about ten or twelve members and that’s not counting the alien group lead by Major Insarka. The aliens are now considered Phantom Team members, but due to the language problem, Major Kindesh primarily takes care of their activities. Either way, that’s not a lot of people when you’re talking about moving 2 million people through a single portal back to Earth taking who knows how long. And this is assuming they don’t get attacked by Androchidan forces while trying to get this done.

So, first thing is a scouting mission to Septus Minor. It’s hard to guess what they will find on this planet which is supposed to be friendly to humans in that the air is breathable and there are no large and dangerous predators. There’s also nothing else on the planet, no technology, on infrastructure of any kind so these humans would dumped in the wilderness with nothing, yeah, not even clothes since that was removed during the processing on Karkin Four. Team Phantom has some serious work to do. It’s hoped they are not getting involved in something they physically can’t accomplish.

The only serious consideration to this whole operation is that these ring gates must stay open so these humans can get back to Earth. That works find until the ring on Septu Minor shuts down. Team Phantom just happened to be standing in front of the now dead ring. Looks like no one’s going back to Earth now!

Without saying much more, I’ll say there is another book in this series. “Valley of Death” is now available on Amazon right now. I’m adding it to my reading list, but will probably move on to something else for now. I’m definitely going to continue reading this series and I strongly suggest you do to.

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