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“The Other Side Of Fear”


5 Small Stars
The Other Side of Fear

I got hooked on this series by reading the first book, “Alarm of War”. That was one excellent book, but the story was just getting started. I was hoping there was a sequel, but I didn’t know it was already published. I’m certainly glad I found this second book as quick as I did. The first book left with a typical cliffhanger.

The characters in this story are pretty well developed. They are a little young, but that seems to be the trend in science fiction books now days or may be it’s just because I’m getting older! Emily Tuttle is a very, very smart young lady with an extremely sharp tactical mind. She’s proven herself in the last book as she had to take command of the Coldstream Guards or what was left of them when her Captain was killed. She led them through several desperate battles, all requiring desperate measures if they were to succeed.

Her last battle involved a lot of luck and the use of a weapon which she didn’t really want to use. That weapon was her best friend, Marine Sergeant Maria Sanchez or “Cookie”. Cookie was sent over to a Dominion Battleship with the mission to capture its bridge while additional support would be sent to capture Engineering and other strategic places on this huge ship.

Something goes wrong and only Cookie’s troops are able to get on the ship. As she fights her way to the bridge, she begins to lose a lot of Marines. She and those left finally reach the bridge and capture it. They kill the Admiral, but then find out they the reinforcements they were counting on are not coming and the ships security forces have recovered and are about to re-capture the bridge. It’s surrender or die for Cookie and her Marines. She hates the idea of surrendering, but realizes that’s her only choice.

Now a prisoner of the Dominion, Cookie and another Marine, Private Otto Wisnioswski are transferred to a prison ship. What was done to her and her Marine compatriot will make your blood boil. There apparently isn’t any kind of honorable treatment of POWs as far as the Dominion is concerned. Cookie has to endure a six month ordeal that would kill or drive crazy any other Marine, male or female. Beware when reading about this since although it is treated as best as it can, reading about brutality of helpless prisoners is never a good read.

It is time for the Victorian’s to start getting their planet back if they are ever going to do so. They can’t stay in hiding in Refuge forever and they know that. They also know they don’t have a large enough fleet to do what they need to do straight-on. Something has to be done differently and they have to find some way to use the resources the best way possible.

Thankfully, Emily Tuttle and Hiram Brill, are both up to the task of figuring out how to do the impossible. The story is exciting and very interesting. All the previous characters in the first book are mostly back. It is always good to see the good guys figure out how to turn the tables on the bad guys and that’s what’s about to happen in this book. I think you’ll enjoy it as much as you enjoyed the first book.

I don’t know for sure, but it sounds like their could be a third book. I, for one, would love to see it and would certainly pay to read it. I hope the author reads this!

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