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“Galactic War”


5 Small Stars
Galactic War

Admiral John Pike is now back in his home galaxy and has a problem. He’s getting bored with the administrative details of running a galaxy-wide organization. He doesn’t like sitting behind a desk and wants out. So, he call Governor Sallas, the current governor of the colony planets. Pike tells Governor Sallas that he wants him back on Earth directing the civilian side of the galaxy. Sallas doesn’t have much choice so he comes to Earth to do just that.

Then we’re introduced to a new character named Jamie. He’s a Channisar, but not one that was freed by Admiral Pike or by the Cenobi. He’s been active for quite some time and his current job is to do whatever he’s paid to do. He was one of the lucky few Channisar who’s control chip malfunctioned on its own while he was part of the Channisar. He was able to kill his Juttari master and get himself free and he plans to stay that way. He has control of his emotions although not as well as most Channisar since he’s just one man and doesn’t share a common brotherhood.

John’s other problem, which he is eager to attack is the continued destruction of the Juttari. They have conquered and occupied an extensive amount of former Diakan space which John’s UHSF is going to take it back. They have successfully regained one system and are quitely surveilling another. Then they find something already attacking the Juttari in that system. It seems the Dvorkan Empire has managed to arrive in Diakan and human space. They are engaging the Juttari and finding them easy to defeat. While supposedly allied with the humans, the Dvorkan Empire has been cutoff from Sol for the five years that the super beings fought their war.

The Antikiteri, Erinyie, and the Cenobi all fought a five-year war that resulted in the Erinyie and Antikiteri leaving the Milky Way galaxy. The Cenobi stayed and were begining to harness the Earth’s sun. All Channisar were set free of Juttari control and the Diakan, Humans and Juttari were allowed to settle their own differences. John Pike’s idea of settling was to wipe out the Juttari completely and turn control of Diakan space back to the Diakans.

Except now the Dovrkan Empire has shown up with an advanced fleet and doesn’t appear to be friendly. They initially don’t fire on USHF vessels watching their battles with the Juttari, but they do warn the USHF vessels not to interfere. They have made it clear they have not intention of giving up the conquered Diakan territory now or at anytime.

So, wha’ts happened back in the Dvorkan Empire? How could they come this distance in such a short time and why are they now being hostile. Have they overthrown the previous Emperor which was indebted to John for helping him defeat a coup attempt? Lots of questions that will be answered when you read the book.

Still a great story, but doesn’t seem to getting anywhere. Oh, yeah, Anki has come of age and wants to fight! Interesting to see how that turns out.

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