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5 Small Stars

This book starts off following the exploits of Jamie, the Chaanisar and Assassin, who wasn’t like other Chaanisar. He never was controlled by the Juttari like other Chaanisar and broke free from the Juttari on his own. While he has been freelancing on his own, he’s also developed a close relationship Anki, the adopted daughter of Admiral Jon Pike. That relationship is known by most everyone including Admiral Pike. Yet, now it seems that Jamie’s enemies are starting to try and target Anki in order to hurt Jamie. That isn’t easy since Anki is now a trained Channisar and not easily harmed when attacked. Still, this lead Jamie and Anki to become more available to the USHF and a coming mission to quell an uprising on Kem.

The Kemmar’s are a warfighting civilization that was recently conquered by Admiral Pike and the USHF. They are not restricted to their home planet, Kem, but an insurgency has arose that is far stronger than expected. Additionally, and to everyone’s shock and horror, the Kemmar have some how developed a virus that attacks only humans killing them instantly. There is some speculation that maybe the Channisar are immune, but a Channisar will have to set foot on the planet to test this out. It could well be a one-way trip.

Meanwhile, Emperor Kriss of the Dvorkan Empire is getting his butt kicked by his now rebelling Generals. They have sided with the Antikitheri which is also whom Emperor Kriss believes is on his side only to find out later that the Antikitheri are really allied with the Generals. They are advising the Generals by providing information on how to build powerful weapons which Emperor Kriss doesn’t have access to. So, the civil war within the Empire isn’t going so well for Emperor Kriss. He now needs to seek an alliance with Admiral Jon Pike and the USHF.

Admiral Pike isn’t sure about this alliance the Emperor wants. He reluctantly agrees once the Emperor agrees to give him the knowledge of the jump gates. Still, the Diakans are not convinced an alliance with the Empire is going to be anything but trouble. While Emperor Kriss did not authorize a Dvorkan Admiral to attack and capture Diakan territory, that’s what happened and the Empire hasn’t offered to give back what they captured. The Diakans are only supporting the alliance because Jon Pike directs it, but they are very wary of this arrangement.

And back to Jamie. For some unknown reason, he has come to the attention of both the Erinyie and the Antikitheri. He seems to be something they can’t control and are not sure about his abilities. Just what they are concerned with is still unknown and will probably be dealt with in the next book. There’s enough going on in this book already.

Another good story, but eventually something is going to have to be done about the Erinyie, Antikitheri and the Cenobi. I don’t have a clue as to what or how that something will be!

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