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“Lost Hope”


Lost Hope

This is the last book inĀ  this series of three. It does a good job of closing the story and answer all the questions you might have so, in that regard, it was a very good book to read. We’re back with Rex Walker and his band of fighters. They have accomplished what they set out to do in book 2 and that was get some help for Earth by crossing the bridge to Kabos and finding the Rodax. Unfortunately and strangely, the Rodax only sent a token amount of help in the form of soldiers. They indicated that the Earth was seeded with a weapons cache at some point in it’s past and the Rodax with Rex could find and recover all those weapons, including two alien spaceships.

While this was going on, the Unknowns were getting closer and closer to Earth. The “Believers” were also becoming more active and getting huge numbers of humans ready to mentally accept these aliens into their minds. Sounds strange, I know, but some people are ready to do just about anything! Jessica Carver has been identified as the Sovereign of the Believers and she was in the process of getting everything ready for the Unknowns who actually were aliens called the Zalt. One of the Believers is the current Vice President of the United States named Alan Black. He’s done something to the President and his family under the mis-information that the President is ill. Black is soon to be with Jessica and they are setting up an arrival area for the Zalt where thousands of Believers will gather.

Rex Walker’s father, Dirk Walker, has decided to stay on Rimia with Opor, but she has been taken over by a Zalt named Rewa. Rewa is not a advocate of invading Earth since she has found that there is suitable life on Rimia. Of course Dirk doesn’t like the fact that Opor has been taken by this Zalt so he decides to stay where her in the hopes she will eventually leave the body and his Opor will return. He also has some kind of contact with a Frenchman who has been selected as the vessel that will one day contain the Zalt leader. Through some mysterious power, Dirk realizes that he can control what happens in his own mind as well as what happens to this Frenchman. He’s vowed to fight the Zalt anyway he can.

Rex also seems to have the ability to fight off any Zalt takeover and he can also project himself into other peoples mind to help them fight the Zalt that way. Still, he and his band of fighters need more help. They need to find the Freedom Earthers and see what they have done to help fight the Zalt. Rex feels that the Rodax have greatly underestimated the immediate threat the Zalt are to Earth and how close they are to taking over the population. While there are billions of humans on Earth, there are only millions of Zalt who need a human body. Those that aren’t needed will die! It’s estimated that almost sixty percent of the Earth’s population will die once the Zalt are in control. Rex Walker has to stop this maddness!

We’ve come a long way in this story and we’ve seen new additions to Rex’s following. Most are still there, including Veronica, Tripp and Marcus. They’ve added an FBI Special Agent name Evan Young. Saul Goldstein is also back, but as far as everyone thinks, he was killed off in book two. One thing I did like about this book is that it went beyond the end of the Zalt and described what happened when things got back to semi-normal. That doesn’t usually happen in most books where the enemy is killed and that’s that. While it didn’t add a lot to the story, it was nice to read that entire section and gave closure to the entire story. Nathan Hystad can write some very interesting books and this is one, but it’s really very easy to understand and follow. I think you’ll be glad to finished all three books.

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