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“The Event”


4 Small Stars
The Event

A new author and a new book. That’s like getting a present from someone you don’t know and not knowing what they gave you at all! But, this book was a pretty good gift to the science fiction genre if I may say so myself. It wasn’t the greatest because I think there are some flaws in how the story unravels, but it did make an interesting tail most all the way through. The ending kind of came quick and not much for details, but there are additional books coming so that might improve.

So, what’s the book about? Well, it’s about an accountant saving the entire human population. Yeah, an accountant! That’s great because I are one. I can see where this could happen since I was also in the Army for quite while. But, I’m no where near as nerdy as the main character seems to be. Dean Parker is now a widower having lost his wife three years prior. Janine was a pretty wonderful wife, but somewhat different. Dean had know this all along, but really thought nothing of it. She had a brother which Dean certainly didn’t care much for and had trouble remembering the times he had stopped by the house to talk to Janine. It was like he was always going to sleep or passing out when Bob showed up.

At the start of the story, Dean wakes up to the same scene we have seen on the movies, “independence Day”. Huge alien ships hanging above all the Earth’s major cities. Only these ships had many, many smaller ships hanging around them. Of course, everyone was reacting in every way possible depending on who you were. Since on one country had been targeted by the aliens, humanity seemed to have come together against this unknown. I can’t say it was a threat, since none of the ships had done anything and even after the Russians launched nuclear missiles at the ships, they still didn’t do anything, for awhile.

Dean’s wife had told him something just prior to her death. Something very cryptic and something that surprisingly, Dean hadn’t forgotten. She gave him a necklace with a curious looking green stone attached to it. Dean had noticed Janine wearing that same necklace every day they had been together. When she did give it to him, she told him very specifically that he was to wear it at all times and never take it off. She further said it was important to do what she instructed because one, “They’ll come one day. Appear in the sky.” And they did just that. Unfortunately, Dean was wearing the necklace that day. He did remember what his wife had told him and knew that he had to get that necklace now before it was too late. It was stored in a rental storage unit across town. So, even with all the commotion going on with the alien ships, he took off to go get the necklace.

On the way, he met his best buddy, James and invited him back to his house. As they sat and watched TV news covering the alien arrival, the smaller ships began moving while at the same time sending down a green beam. That beam started a whole change of events that drove Dean and several companions from upper New York clear down to Peru.

He was first directed by his wife to open a safe deposit box in a bank in New York City that would explain everything. This journey wasn’t all that easy even if there had been people around. But now, there was no one. No one else in the entire world except Dean Parker.

I can’t go into what I think were some very improbably actions on the part of Dean and his compatriots because that would spoil the entire story. It just doesn’t seem possible to do what he eventually did in the timeframe that was indicated by the author. Things just don’t go that smoothly, but I guess they could. If you were the only person who could save all of humanity, would you try everything possible to do so even if it seemed impossible? I just think Dean would have been too traumatized by the events around him to worry about doing something his now dead wife told him to do. Still, it was a very good story, but the end was kind of quick and anti-climatic.

I am looking forward to reading the next book, “New Threat (The Survivors Book Two)” to be released on 2 April 2018. It’s even up for pre-order on Amazon right now.

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