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“The Theos”


5 Small Stars
The Theos

Last time with left Dean Parker in pretty bad shape. His wife, Mary, had been taken over by the Iskios, an evil alien ancient civilization that lived only to destroy others. Their essence was forever trapped in a crystal world until Dean and Mary accidentally stumble upon the planet. Dean and Mary believed they were on the trail of the Theos, another ancient civilization that believed in peace. The Theos were believed that life had to have a balance and since the Iskios were the evil force in the universe, the Theos believed they were the balancing good. As long as the balance was maintained, then things were fine, not perfect, but just stable. Then the Iskios went on a terrible rampage destroying worlds for no reason. The Theos acted to contain the Iskios sealing them in the crystals on a remote planet. Yet, the Theos knew that if the Iskios were to be gone forever, that meant they had to go also. So they placed themselves in the portal stones. These portal stones allowed other races of the universe to freely travel vast distances with the Theos keeping the portals open to only the Gatekeepers.

Some how the Iskios knew Dean and Mary were looking for the Theos so they led them on a difficult false journey which ended at the crystal planet. Mary got too close to one of the crystals and they entered her body and began controlling her actions. They also began a massive vortex which they called the Unwinding. It would destroy entire planets and even suns. Nothing in its path could remain. Of course the Iskios thrived on this destruction while using Mary to act out their destructive nature. She tried to break free of their control, but they were such a powerful force that she was driven to cower in her own mind.

So, Dean has set out to find Mary and rescue her. But, first he must find out what happened to the Theos and if there are any alive, can they help him in his quest. This journey is going to take him to many different and strange planets dealing with a myriad of different aliens, some of which are not going to be friendly. Dean tries to do some of this quest without his friends, but soon finds out that he needs them very much if he’s going to find Mary.

We sure have come a long way from Earth where Dean Parker was an accountant living with his wife, Jeanine, and just doing normal stuff. He never, ever anticipated becoming “The Hero of Earth” much less leaving the planet to rescue all of humanity. You would have thought that was enough for a good series of books which it was, but the journey continues with the introduction of the portal system. Now our writer has entire new worlds to explore. It’s kind of interesting how things turn out so well for Dean Parker. He’s a human, from Earth, which is unknown to 99% of the galaxy, yet he has a translation device that easily converts English into whatever language the alien he’s talking to understands. I just don’t think that kind of technology is quite possible given that some of these aliens don’t even have vocal cords but hiss and squawk. Additionally, Dean is required to do some extended time in space, without a spaceship, just in his spacesuit or environmental suite. It seems to come with a jet pack that never runs out of fuel, can feed him nutrients that will keep him alive for an indefinite time, never runs out of oxygen even in space for a long period of time and it was also built for an alien life-form very unlike Dean Parker. Yeah, this part is kind of stretching the story towards a happy ending.

And, it looks like there could even be more stories in this series or something similar to it. The author shows the next book as “Old Enemy” to be released in November 2018 or in the month wrote this. I’m not sure I will continue to read these stories. They’re getting a little too predictable and somethings are just too perfect. Still, they were interesting when the story was new.

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