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“Earth Has Been Found”


5 Small Stars
Earth Has Been Found

I was very intrigued by the cover of this book, so I bought it off Amazon. I’m very glad I did. I don’t think this book is short, but it only took a couple of days to read it since I couldn’t put it down! It’s a science fiction thriller that takes place in 1984 or prior.

We know that airplanes have been disappearing for years. Some are never found and no traces of them are ever located; they are just gone. In this book, some of these missing airplanes start to reappear, suddenly and with drastic consequences. It starts off with an F-4 taking off from a base in California in April of 1974, only to reappear near Guam in August 1974. Now I don’t believe an F-4 can fly for four or five months on the same tank of fuel nor can it fly from the coast of California to near Guam, a distance of 9,333 km (or 5,800 miles) without refueling. Yet, the very disoriented pilot reported he had sixty percent fuel left from what to him had just been a short routine test flight. He was definitely lost and didn’t know how he got to Guam. So startled that he missed his landing on Guam and crashed with fatal results.

Even the Russians get into the book. They have a Ilyushin flying freight in March of 1976. It disappears and nothing is every located of it’s supposed crash. Then in mid-January 1977, it’s found flying over the Arctic Ocean headed for a place in Siberia. The Russians quickly intercept the plane and successfully get it to land. Both pilot and co-pilot cannot understand what happened. They feel they have only been gone for a few minutes, yet they take off in spring and are found again in mid-winter no where near their origin or destination. Both seem healthy, even better than healthy for awhile.

Of course, the United States has put together a crack team of experts trying to figure out what is going on with these planes. Where have they gone and what happened to them during the time they were out of sync with the rest of the world? Then, in September of 1984, another plane went missing with a total of over 90 people on-board. Most were elderly with a few younger ones including the flight crew. They came back too, in December of 1984, and something came with them.

It’s a good thing this stuff didn’t really happen in 1984. I might not be sitting here writing a review. Still, the reading was great. Good sentence structure although there were a little too many words misspelled or just used wrong. It seemed like the spell checker got carried away. A great book to read, just remember though, it isn’t real.

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