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5 Small Stars

This book was very enjoyable although nothing really new happened. Alex Racine has established his Omnian fleet in the Alliance territory and is now helping to wipe out the Colony. This is a race of ant like creature, that, while sentient, seem to not want to tolerate any other life forms. The Colony spreads through a system of Alliance Domes wiping out everything in the dome and then taking over the entire planet. They are fierce fighters, even their young, and will eat anything. A young Pyrean Captain by the name of Jess Cinders has been leading the fight against the Colonly although he wasn’t give much help by most of the other Alliance races.

When a belligerent race from the Federacy attempted to take over the Alliance, Alex and his Omnian’s interceded and stop that fight. He convinced the Federacy race to settle on a planet. That planet was already infested by the Colony so the race had to fight for the right to settle that planet. With some help, they managed to do just that and now the fight continues, only on other worlds and other domes. Alex has convinced some of the Alliance races that they need to participate in this fight. He lets them know in no uncertain terms that not fighting is not an option since the Colony will overtake evey planet in this system if they are not stopped. His Assault Commander, Captain Jess Cinders, has done a magnificent job with the resouces he has and now can see much more success with the help of all the Alliance races. While not all will send fighters, some will support with material which is just as important.

While this is going on, Alex takes a contingent of Omnians and Alliance personnel to Earth. He wants to get Earth involved in this fight against the Colony since there’s nothing preventing the Colony from infesting the Sol System if they are not stopped. He asks Earth’s President to begin building some huge carriers and more Tidents to help move all the materials and stuff needed to wage the war with the Colony. The Earth’s President agrees to do all they can and quickly begins building the ships required. Alex eventually sends one of his SADEs back to Earth to bring what ships that have built to Alliance space.

So, this book is more about the fight against the Colony than anything else. Towards the end, thought, Alex gets word that some of the other beligerent races from the Federacy are moving out beyond their boundaries and threatening other planets. This is something they were explicitly told not to do. Alex and his Omnian fleet now set sail to protect the races under threat. Since there are two different threats, he may have to split his forces, but that’s a decision he’ll make in the next book.

I’m not sure this series will ever end. Looks like book 17, “Talus” will be coming in the near future.

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