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5 Small Stars

This series is one of the best written series of science fiction books I have ever read. If I were younger and just starting out to read science fiction, this would be the series that would have brought me into the science fiction genre and kept me there. As is, I’ve already enjoyed many, many great science fiction books, but none quite like Mr. Jucha’s Silver Ships series. If you haven’t read the first two books, I highly encourage you to do so.

Now, about Méridian. It happens just after the Réveur, with a mix of New Terrains and Meridians, head back to the vicinity of Libré to confront the Silver Ships. Strangely, Admiral Racine, Alex, believes the Silver Ships are not acting of their own accord and believes they are actually an enslaved race doing the bidding of whomever controls the giant mothership. He wants to capture a Silver ship and try to talk to its crew.

Now, this is no easy feat. Every encounter with a single Silver Ship has destroyed more than one of his small Daggers and its crew. If he were to place the Libré and its accompanying ships too close to the mothership, his entire flotilla could be overwhelmed and destroyed. And, there is no guarantee that the occupants of a Silver ship would want to talk to him. So, there is going to be some fast moving military action. Unfortunately, like most encounters with the Silver Ships, it does cost Admiral Racine some very valuable pilots and Daggers. Yet, they accomplish what they set out to do and that is capture a Silver Ship intact. Now to find out just who has done so much damage to the Meridian civilization.

How the story plays out from here is something you’re going to have to read to find out. It is a marvelous story. The interaction between numerous characters and even the SADEs (self-aware digital entities) is very heartwarming. I hate to say it, but this is a very nice book. The characters all seem to want to work together and treat each other with respect and dignity. Even the SADEs are treated as humans while they actually occupy crystal cores acting as ship’s computers. Admiral Racine, Alex, is there leader and he leads by example. He doesn’t force people to do anything. What he does is always in the best interest of both the New Terrans and Meridians under his command. And, that is one thing they all know. A society built on this kind of trust can do wonders.

You need to get into this book and enjoy the details of the further exploits of this New Terran and Meridian community. I was kind of disappointed when the opening of the book by the author indicated that this was the end of his initial three book series. I thought that was that, but you have a surprise waiting for you at the end of this book!

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