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5 Small Stars

Well, it looks like I missed a book in this series! Book 14, “Alliance”, some how got past me. I haven’t downloaded it and now I’m not sure that I will. This current book covers some of the things that happened in “Alliance”, but not everything, of course. I didn’t feel that I lost much by not having read the missing book. I did miss some stuff by not reading the “Pyreans” series also by Mr. Jucha. For some reason, that series didn’t appeal to me although without Alex, I didn’t feel it would be a good story line to read. Of course, that’s just me so you might be interested in that series and I encourage you to read it.

Although this book is titled, “SADEs”, you’d think it was all about them. Well it’s not! Some of the early book does center around how the SADEs came into being. They were created by one specific House on Mériden, capital city of the Confederation. Sharon Brixton was the current head of the house and she didn’t appear to want to give away any secrets that might put her House in competition with the Omnians. All the SADEs were curious about how they had come to be, but none of them could figure out just how they were constructed or how they got their initial intelligence. it was something done soley by the House of Brixton, but if they SADEs were to survive as a community, they would have to be incharge of creating more of their kind. So off to Méridien they went with Alex at the lead.

At the same time, the expedition lead by Olawale Wombo has met with some troubling information and some difficulties. The story of this expedition is covered in the series, “Pyreans” which I mentioned about that I didn’t read. Anyway, Alex feels that it’s time to go to Olawale’s location and see what assistance he can provide. Here is where the rest of the story takes off. Surprisingly, this is also most of the book. The part about the SADEs creation doesn’t take up much of the entire story so I’m not sure why this book was titled as it is.

You’ll find that once again, the Omnians find more enemies. How they handle each one is unique. It seems that Alex would always rather talk and settle things peacefully, but if that doesn’t work, then his substantial fleet is read to engage anyone. You’ll find out that he and his friends have to take both approaches to the enemies encounted in this book.

Another great book by Mr. Jucha. I’m not sure how much longe this series can continue, but I do know there is anotheer book entitled, “Earthers”, show as the next book in this series. That should be exciting as are all the other books.

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