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5 Small Stars

This has got to be one of, if not the best, science fiction series ever written! That probably doesn’t sound like much coming from me, but let me tell you, I don’t think you have ever had the opportunity to read such compassionate, thoughtful, and down-right beautiful stories book after book. If you haven’t read the first book in this series, “The Silver Ships, #1”, you must go back and start at the beginning. It starts there and continues exactly as it should through this book #5.

I don’t know what makes these books so enjoyable. They are a mixture of military and science fiction unlike any other science fiction books I have read. The people created in these books are what humans should be, can be if we just tried.

In book 5, Alex and his closes band of Harakens, set out to visit Earth’s solar system. They are doing so because Earth has already visited them in their system and the visit did not go well, especially for the “Earthers”. The Earther’s came as conquers with their armed to the teeth scout ship and then their gigantic battleship. They demanded the Méridiens become subservient to the government of Earth and were there to enforce this new rule. It did not go well for the Earthers when they came up against the Harakens led by Alex Racine. Their gigantic battleship was destroyed and the scout ship sent home. Knowing there was a possibility that the Earthers would return in force, Alex decided to visit Sol to see if he could bring some reason to these strange humans.

This book is not about battles and skirmishes. It almost all about how to win friends and influence your enemies. Sol, led by Earth is not in very good shape. There are constant struggles between the government militia and the rebels. Earths government has become greedy and is using an unjust judicial system to almost enslave their own population in order to get anything done. What Alex Racine and his Harakens do is simple take over a decrepit space station and turn it into the most profitable venture in the system. He does this by getting all the people on the station to stop hating each other and working together, not because they have to, but because they want to. And it works beautifully!

Now the Earth government and the Tribunal have a problem. How they solve this problem could mean the end of the small, but deadly group of Harakens. You’ll have to read what happens next. It’s typical Haraken with Alex Racine as their undisputed leader!

Now the best part. There is another book coming called, “Espero”. I cannot wait, but, I guess I’ll have to!

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