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5 Small Stars

Another book on how to win without fighting! If there was ever a military science fiction book that took the soft way around problems, they would be in this series. This book is actually two in one. There are two distinct activities taking place, but both are a great distance from each other. Well, actually, there’s a third, but they don’t go into it much. Still, these two actions tell a pretty interesting story.

We start out with the Omnians around Omnia. At Omnia, Hector (a SADE) is the leader of this separate element and Vice Admiral Ellie Thompson is his military counterpart. They were there to kind of collect their thoughts and experiment with a new weapon they hope would counter some of the enormous battleships that Alex has confronted in Alliance space. These ships were from the just recently freed the Federacy and were attempting to bully other civilizations into cooperation. Alex wasn’t having any of this so he and his contingent were in the alliance region trying to prevent all out war. Then two things happened that greatly changed what was currently going on.

First, one young Lieutenant and pilot named Nata, who was a former “wild one” were finished with the latest war game exercise and were supposed to be heading back to the Our People city-ship when Nata, the impulsive one, decided she wanted to visit Sawa, original home of the Dischnya. Alex Racine had originally visited this planet and found the Dischnya very hostile and wanted him gone. So, he left and told everyone else to not settle on this planet. When Alex says not to visit something, everyone listens and obeys. Except for this young Lieutenant.

Needless to say, once setting foot on Sawa, Nata is immediately captured and needs to be rescued. At about the same time, Hector receives a probe from Talus, in the Federacy, directly sent by President Sargut. The President is requesting Omnian aid in that he and his planet is surrounded by the other civilizations of the Federacy and they want compensation for the damages done by Artifice during his rein over that region. Talus and it’s people were used by Artifice to enforce his edicts therefore the other races considered the Talusians responsible for all the damage they did at the order of Artifice. The situation wasn’t by any means friendly and fighting could breakout a any moment.

So, the city ship, Our People, with Hector leading this mission and soon to be promoted to Fleet Admiral Ellie Thompson, set sail for Talus. They did leave behind a small contingent to rescue the captured Lieutenant. They also requested the involvement of two Dischnya nest Queens. You’ll find that story very interesting. And, again, you’ll find the happening around Talus just as interesting if not more deadly!

This is a great addition to this already long series of books and I don’t see it ending now!

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