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“Destination Oblivion”


3 Small Stars
Destination Oblivion

I’m getting tired of this series. It’s really getting childish and not very exciting or interesting. This is the series where there is this one guy and his twin brother who are some kind of supermen, Furies to be exact. They’re aliens, but humanoid and look just like Earth humans. One of them doesn’t remember anything about his life more than 10 years ago. He was a member of the new Earth Alliance who are trying to save Earth from destruction at the hands of the Zarlacks. The Zarlacks are working for Chase’s brother, Argos, who is absolutely power-hungry crazy. In the previous book, Chase was led to believe that he killed his one true love, Sarah, while she was under the control of Argos and threatening to destroy the Earth. So, he’s definitely gone off the deep end in his quest for vengeance against Argos. Only, things are as they seem.

So, the Earth still gets attacked by the Zarlacks since Chase is gone after Sarah or Argos and his friends, all members of the Earth Alliance take off after him. The Zarlacks kill many millions of humans leveling three major metropolitan areas with suicide ships that crash into the Earth or purpose. Chase doesn’t care. All he wants is his Sarah back. So this former starfighter jock is drowning in his own sorrows because he lost his girl friend. This is the same guy that swore an oath to protect and defend the Earth as part of the Earth Alliance. Pretty selfish idiot if you ask me. His friends are all the same. They go running after him and ignore the Earth that they were sworn to defend. It also happens that Chase and his brother, Argos, do come back to Earth only to start fighting some where near Tokyo. Now here’s were it gets really silly. These two guys have some kind of super powers that let them fly, throw fire balls, and punch like the Hulk! They can also control things with their minds and usually wind up throwing these things at each other. Neither can really die unless they use up all their energy and are squashed or something. So, they start fighting and just about flatten Tokyo, killing another million or so people without even thinking about it. Some real hero this guy Chase is and he’s supposed to be the good guy.

There’s also this nonsense with the Olympians. We have Aphroditis (that’s the way it’s spelled in the book) and she’s got the huge crush on Chase, but noone wants to admit it, otherwise, there’s absolutely no reason for the Olympians to be helping Chase. In fact, only Aphroditis and Ares are the only Olympians who are trying to help Chase. They are outcasts from the Olympians society since the Olympians are far, far more advanced than humans. Yeah, the Olympians are just another group of aliens who occasionally mess with Earth when it suits their fancy. Zeus believes humans are not worth helping any more because they’re too dumb to stop fighting each other and everyone else! He has a point.

And then we find out about this artificial intelligence that has been accidentally created when the alien Alliance that Chase is part of, interfaced with Earth’s Internet. They find out this AI is quite mad at humans for almost destroying the planet and threatens to just wipe them all out. She calls herself, “Gaia” which is another Greek mythology term for Earth. This is all getting a little too stupid for me.

I think there will be other books in this series, but I’m moving on. Chase and his brother, Argos have defeated a Titan which is almost impossible for a human and that ended the story for me.

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