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“Hearth of Stone”


5 Small Stars
Heart of Stone

Very exciting techno-thriller even though it was somewhat sexually graphic in places. You also need to love sailing and have some kind of sailing knowledge, will that’s not true because I don’t know anything about sailing and I got through the book just fine. There’s also a lot of science mumbo-jumbo resulting in a ring laser and an invisibility cloaking system which are probably both very science fiction.

The story is kind of a mystery in that Stone, a former Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force, retired suddenly after the death of his co-worker and love interest. I can’t remember if J (Joyce). E. Kuykendall and Stone were married or not, doesn’t matter to the story, just to say they were both very much in love when she died. They tried everything to prevent her death, but nothing worked. Stone took her ashes out to sea as she had wished and then had to finish the rest of the promises he made to KeeKee, his pet name for Joyce.

Both Stone and Kuykendall were in the Air Force. Stone had been in for a little over twenty-one years and Joyce was given a direct commission to Major so she and Stone could work on a project she was heavily involved in and had the brains to make it a success. The projects were creating a ring laser and an invisibility cloak; both becoming weapons the Air Force desperately needed. They almost had them working when Joyce died.

So, Stone left the Air Force and began sailing his small sailboat around the world. He was doing fine until he stopped in Hong Kong and the Chinese Security Directorate becomes interested in talking to someone from the US military about the two projects he had recently been working on. Only, Stone didn’t want anything to do with the Chinese Intelligence community and he certainly didn’t want them touching his sailboat which had by now been renamed the “Joyce”.

From this point on the book takes off and does it ever! The writing was just great. Action and suspense on every page. If you like spy stuff, almost sentient computers, danger on the high seas, and not knowing what’s going to happen until the end, you’ll love this book. It was hard to put down once I started reading. This is also very, very well edited for an Amazon book by a new author.

So, easy to read, a great thriller with just enough science fiction to make it a fantastic book; the kind I like to read most any time.

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