5 Small Stars
A Fiery Sunset
This book seems to be a continuing story about mercenaries from Earth who are not well liked by other alien mercenaries.  It seems like I’ve read another book about a young mercenary who decided to split off and run his own company.  He had help from the daughter of a King or something like that.  She provided the funds and he organized the fighting force.  His mercenary company had a lot of aliens as fighters which was quite a bit different from most Earth-based merc companies.
But that’s not what this story is about.  We’re still reading about Earth mercenaries, but we have a whole bunch of them in this book.  It seems that Earth is part of a galaxy-wide community and is up-and-coming with is highly successful mercenary companies providing a much needed service to the rest of the galaxy.  There are some alien civilizations that will not fight no matter what the reason although they want someone else to fight for them or to protect them from an aggressor.  Earth mercenaries seem to be well suited for the task and have come to the attention of the Mercenary Guild.  The Mercenary Guild is supposed to control all the contracts for all the galaxy mercenary companies and to make sure all of them follow some common rules.
Unfortunately, Earth merc companies don’t always follow the rules to the letter.  They do whatever it takes to get the job done for their customer while barely staying within the Mercenary Guild rules.  Earth mercenaries are a pain to the Guild because humans are so uncontrollable and do whatever they want.  The Guild has finally had enough of their activities and has sent a large mercenary force to Earth to govern the planet until such time the Guild feels Earth has learned how to “behave”!
Fortunately, one group of Earth mercenaries has found out about the Guild plot and has warned all the other merc companies.  They were told to take everything they could and flee Earth.  Of course, there were some companies that wouldn’t believe what they were being told so they waited  until the last minute.  Now they are in a mad scramble to leave Earth.
Those fleeing Earth merc companies  have found a scout/intel operative from the Winged Hussars who has coordinates for a hidden planetary system where the Winged Hussars are located.  Apparently you can’t enter or leave this area unless you have some specific coordinates, so now all the Earth Mercenaries are gathering at this one place.  The Commanders of the various merc companies want to do something, but they first need to organize and get the right forces ready to retake Earth.
That’s what the rest of this book is about. although the actual battle to retake Earth is probably in another book which isn’t mentioned as forthcoming.  I think there are several writers writing about these mercenary groups, but I don’t know if each story will tie to the other.  So far, the don’t seem to be doing that.  I liked the writing and he story-line, I just wish I knew that it was continuing with the same writers and characters as in this book.

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