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“The Clone Empire”


4 Small Stars
The Clone Empire

So far I’ve enjoyed this series of books; so far, that is. I had trouble getting through this one because the author chose to turn his main character into a blithering idiot!

Wayson Harris is a clone that has risen to the rank of a one-star general. He also has managed to find the only clone female that anyone knows about and she happens to be a duplicate of Ava Gardner whom most readers probably have no clue what she looks like. Anyway, Gen. Harris becomes stupidly infatuated with Ms. Gardner to the extent that he can’t do a thing without her screwing up his head.

He’s also the senior military leader on Terraneau, a planet with no value except for Harris as it holds Ava Gardner. The senior civilian on Terraneau doesn’t want Harris or his thousands of Marines on the planet. So instead of Harris acting like a Marine General, he becomes a love sick idiot cowtowing to this egomaniac civilian that pushes him around until it’s very hard to continue reading this book.

Harris does find the Enlisted Man’s Fleet and he gets promoted to a 3-star Marine General which doesn’t mean much cause he lets everyone treat him like a dog! I just don’t understand his attitude. He’s a Liberator Clone but acts like a wimp for most all this book. If it wasn’t for Freeman, Harris would be dead and the story line over.

I just don’t understand why the author chooses to depict his main character in such a negative way. I hope the next book gets Harris back to acting like a Liberator Clone and not this sick puppy!


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