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5 Small Stars

This is a good author. He writes interesting books although I haven’t read one of his books for quite some time. I’ve now stumbled on this series and it looks to be very, very good.

There are three main characters, each with their own thread which haven’t merged together yet. That alone tells you there will be more in the series although we already know that since it is a trilogy!

Aden Robertson is a prisoner and a Gretian. Actually, he’s a POW (Prisoner of War) being held by the Rhodian military in a fairly comfortable prison. Since he is a Major, he’s the senior member of his POW group and specifically of Section One. Every morning they are assembled for the morning report and then given their work-day assignments. This day, Major Aden Robertson is directed to turn over his Section and report to the POW camp Commandant. That’s fairly unusual. It usually means some one in his section has violated a rule and there will be discipline to be meted out. Except, this time turns out completely different. He’s told that tomorrow he and his fellow prisoners will be released. Five years in a military prison and it’s over. What will he do now?

Then there’s Color Sergeant Idina Chaudhary of Palladia. She is on occupation duty as part of the Joint Alliance Forces on Gretia. Gretia had, about five years ago, started a war in which they attacked several other civilizations or planets. Palladis was one, Oceania another and then Rhodia was the last. Gretia was soundly defeated by the combined forces of all three allies. Now, Gretia must pay. The government of Gretia no longer exists as it previously was. Occupation forces were all over the planet Gretia and were enforcing the laws as they saw fit and according to the final peace accord that Gretia was forced to sign. Color Sergeant Chaudhary was just doing the duty assigned to her and it had been pretty peaceful for the last five years. Then her platoon was surprisingly and viciously attacked by an unknown military force which wiped out her entire platoon. She was the only survivor. There will be another attack just as deadly in her future.

And finally, Lieutenant Commander Dustan Park, Rhodian Navy, currently commanding officer of the RMS Minotaur. He’s on a routine patrol guarding a grave yard of surrendered Gretia starships. While these ships had been fierce fighting vessels during the war, they were now floating hulks kept barely operational. The three Alliance nations expected to divi up the ships once the politicians ever came to an agreement on how to equitably do so. That would probably take a long time. So, his ship and others from the Rhodian Navy would rotate through this lonely vigil, guarding ships that had no crews. That is until they began blowing up!

So, that’s the three main characters and each have their own thread in the book. They don’t or haven’t crossed yet. There is a lot of untold story for each of these people. How and when their threads converge will proabably not take place until book three, yet, sad to say, book two won’t be out until July 20, 2020. Amazon has it for pre-release purchase already at $4.99 which I think it ridiculous. Trying to sell a book that far away from it’s potential publication is buying nothing for a promise later. I hope the author does get the next two books written and published, but I wouldn’t put my money on it.

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