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“Chains of Command”


5 Small Stars
Chains of Command

I really like this series. It’s what I would like to do if I could do anything at all. It’s completely military and it’s totally science fiction. We, once again, join Andrew Grayson or rather, PLATOON SGT: SFC [Sergeant First Class] Andrew Grayson, as it states on the door to his office. Last time we were with SFC Grayson, he and his wife had just helped a bunch of PRC (Public Residence Cluster) militia known as the Lazarus Brigade fight off an attack by several Lankies, 20+ feet tall aliens bent on taking over Earth.

The Lazarus Brigade militia is made up of former military from all branches who have tried to organize into a quasi-police/military force to keep crime and gang-related activities to a minimum within the PRC. The local cops are all on the take and the Homeworld Defense (HD) soldiers are too afraid to come into the PRCs. SFC Grayson and his wife Captain Halley are NACs (North American Commonwealth) military members and not usually welcomed by the PRC civilians or the militia. But, they saved the day for the PRC and the militia so much so that they were offered jobs within the Lazarus Brigade. The both turned them down, but not necessarily permanently.

The NAC is responsible for the overall protection of Earth and its colonizes in the Solar System. Unfortunately, the Lankies are almost indestructible and have taken Mars. It’s just a matter of time before they come to Earth in serious numbers. With what’s left of the NAC, the Homeworld Defense and the PRC militia, the Lankies won’t have any problems. Still, the Lankies, for some unexplainable reason have not come in force. Their last attack has been a while now and they seem to be settling in on Mars.

One of the reasons the NAC and the rest of the Earths military haven’t been too effective against the Lankies is due to a shortage of men and material. It seems that a very large contingent of the NAC high command and the NAC civilian command decided it was better to evacuate Earth and not try to stand and fight. They secretly took a large fleet of very much needed space assets and a large contingent of civilian politicians and scientist and fled to a far away system which they thought those remaining on Earth or in the NAC wouldn’t know about. But, they did know their location and a Special Operations Task Force is coming together to take back those assets one way or another. SFC Grayson is known as a smart operator and leader. He’s offered a commission to 2nd Lieutenant, which he accepts so he can get back in the fight. It just so happens that his wife, Captain Halley gets called out for the same mission. This husband and wife team are going to kick some you know what, but what will it cost them?

A very good book to read if you like military science fiction. I really like the interaction between a young mustang Lieutenant and his senior sergeant. It’s kind of the way it should be if you both know what they hell you’re doing. So go read about what happens. And don’t blame me if the end, isn’t the end!

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