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I’ve said it several times before, but I’ll say it again, I really like these books in this series. They have just the right amount of humor to go with an exciting and very interesting story. James McGill doesn’t get enough credit for the warrior he is. He comes off as something of a scoundrel, which he really is, but he’s a very dependable scoundrel that gets the job done! In this story he’s going to be working with the Mogwa, who are our Galactic overlords. These aliens are normally from the Galactic Core and are very self-centered and pretentious. They consider humans nothing more than trained animals! Of course this give McGill a lot of leeway in things he can get away with.

A huge battleship has gone into orbit over Earth unexpectedly. No one at Central Command knows who’s starship/battleship this belongs to and there’s always the fear that the Nairbs have found some obscure Galactic law that the humans have broken and scheduled Earth for cleansing! Only the starship is broadcasting on single word and that is “McGill”! So, reluctantly as they are, Central Command summons James McGill to see if he knows what’s going on. But, since McGill isn’t on duty and he’s back at his parent home in Georgia, he doesn’t have his “tapper” (comm device) receiving messages. So, Central sends Carlos out to get McGill one way or another.

So, McGill arrives at Central and is in a meeting with all the high level Legion command. Even Praetor Drusus was there, but chairing the meeting appeared to be Public Servant, Alexander Turov! This was a very important meeting, indeed! So, why was McGill there and what was he going to have to do. Well, since they couldn’t get any other comms out of the orbiting battleship, they did what everyone least desired and called upon McGill to attempt to communicate with this alien ship. So, McGill does and next thing he knows he’s talking with none other than Grand Admiral (former) Sateekas of the Mogwas. Except the Grand Admiral wasn’t really an Admiral of anything except this one single, although huge, starship. They told McGill that he and he alone was to report to their ship immediately!

Of course this did not sit well with Central Command or Public Servant Turov. They new the worst thing that could happen to Earth was to have James McGill talking to aliens, especially Mogwa. But, James knew this Mogwa very well and he had a suspicion that Sateekas wasn’t here to exactly harm Earth. So McGill went to the orbiting battleship to find out what the Mogwa wanted. Turns out Governess Nox was also there and to James’ surprise, she and old Sateekas seemed to be in a relationship that had even produced or started the production of an offspring.

So, what did the Mogwa want. Well, first off, the told James McGill that Grand Admiral Sateekas was taking command of all Earth’s military. He had a mission of the utmost importance and they needed to gather the fleet and all the Legions together at once and sail to the Mid-Core! Now you need to understand that the Mid-Core is a long, long, long way away and none of Earth’s starship had ever sailed that far or anywhere near that distance. It wasn’t even know if they could go that far. But, Sateekas wouldn’t take no for an answer and Central Command and PS Turov were actually afraid to say no anyway.

So, now the story begins. James and Legion Varus along with Legion Victrix are loading up on the all the human starships not knowing where they were going or even why. Yes, neither Sateekas nor Nox would tell anyone where they were going or even why. So that’s what you’ll have to find out when reading this story. It’s a strange one, but only the skills of James McGill could carry this off. He has become a very skilled warrior even if some of his skills and the use he puts them to are very questionable.

There’s lots of fighting in this story so you won’t get bored with what’s happening. I do hope this series continues even though it’s already out to 17 books, but who’s counting? I’ll definitely be looking forward to the next book in the series.

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