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“Clone World”


5 Small Stars
Clone World

This series just goes on forever and I’m certainly OK with that! I love this series and its main character, James McGill. He is something of a rogue and very sarcastic to those who don’t even know he’s giving them a line of BS. A true artist of the lie and BS if there ever was one. I definitely like the humor in these books. It’s not too much nor is it over the top.

James is bored. So, against all common sense, he volunteers for some special mission that will pay him a bonus so he can keep his daughter in training. Unfortunately, this mission could very well be a one way mission with a permanent dead a real possibility. But, knowing Jame McGill, nothing can keep him dead. Yet, after this mission in which he actually destroys a floating city of Rigel (Bears), he’s wanted dead by them for sure. Not only that, but we find a whole world populated by Cleaver clones. Cleaver was once a Varus Adjunct, but he has become a notorious galaxy trader and all round bad guy. Now he’s gone and violated Galactic law that forebids cloning of any kind. He’s established himself on a planet near Rigel whom he is providing security forces for.

Earth has to get rid of these clones. If the Galactics find out that a human has been cloning himself, then Earth and every human could be exterminated. So, to battle goes the Legion against a legion of Cleaver clones! Then the Skay are spotting coming towards Clone World as well as the Mogwa. Both of these Galactic species have been warring with each other for the Galactic thrown. It could be very possible that the human fleet will have to take sides and if they lose, once again, Earth could be terminated. Then the Rigeleans show up! So, it goes without saying that there is a lot of fighting. And, the strangest part of any of this is that none other than James McGill becomes a Fleet Admiral in charge of all of Earths starships! You’re definitely going to have to read the book to find out how that comes about.

I truly hope there are more books in this series. I know we clovered a lot of subjects for these worlds, but surely theres still something left we have seen.

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