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“Battle Station”


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Battle Station

The previous books in this series have been all out war. War with the Macros, who are machines bent on eradicating all biotic life. They have found Earth but one guy, Kyle Riggs, an “enhanced” human who has overcome serious run-ins with Macros now leads the Earth Marine Force and Fleet to track down and destroy the Macros. He does that with a vengeance in the previous four books.

Now in this book, he begins a much needed consolidation of his forces in one of his liberated galaxies. He’s got some new allies called Centaurs which seem to be some kind of goat people. They have the ability to fight but they have some serious draw backs. Additionally, while Colonel Riggs owns the space he now must clean out the Marcos that are still on several planets. And while he’s doing this he finds out that his neighbors in the next galaxy beyond the ring at Hellios are not the most friendly. So while trying to make sure they don’t start a fight, he gets busy building a massive battle station next to the Hellios ring and getting ready for either the Lobsters people or a renewed attack by another Macro fleet.

This book doesn’t have a lot of fighting until towards the very end. Then things get fast and furious as usual. If you need a breather from the battles and carnage of the first four books, then you’ll enjoy the logistics preparations required during the first two thirds of this book. It is well written and has a lot of further character development.

There are a few things I find troubling with these books. One is that Colonel Kyle Riggs is the only genius in the entire Marine Corps. He has to come up with all the fantastic ideas and then get them implemented. Even his favorite robot, Marvin, doesn’t seem to be much help. And there there’s his extremely jealous girl friend who almost kills anyone that even looks at Col Riggs. This part is pretty ridiculous and gets tiring with her stupid antics.

Still Riggs manages to get things put together so he can stave off an attack by the Lobster people and another Macro fleet. Only problem he has is that Earth has been calling him back home and he isn’t ready to go back just yet. Also, his counterpart back at Earth seems to have gotten really egotistical with Riggs gone. He’s now getting information from “Imperial” Earth which doesn’t sound good.

On to the next book.


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