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5 Small Stars

Wow! Take a breather, will ya! Good night! Colonel Riggs and his Star Force Marines are fighting almost every hour of every day. They go from one place to another carried by the MACROS and they have to fight whomever they meet. This time they’re fighting the “goat people” or aliens that look like Centaurs. These Centaurs are highly intelligent and territorial. They don’t want their space invaded and they aren’t willing to die just because the Earth Marines are having a bad time.

Colonel Riggs finally decides it’s time to quit working for the MACROS and start getting back at them. He convinces the Centaurs to pull a little trick that makes it appear Rigg’s Marines have completed this mission and will allow them back on their transport ships. Except, Rigg’s Marines will be coming back to attack the remaining MACRO cruiser. Unfortunately, the MACROS were waiting for him and his men! But, Rigg’s Pigs are experienced space fighters and they manage to get back to the cruiser and take it over.

Well, now Riggs and his Marines start a fight to get back to the Solar System and Earth. His tasks isn’t easy since the MACROS send a squad of MACRO cruisers after him. But, he does make it back home and then the real fighting gets started.

Colonel Riggs must be close to Superman. The way he gets blown up and shot at all the time yet comes back for more. Of course he’s full of nanites but man! And doesn’t he have anyone around him that can do anything. He’s always doing everything himself. Of course, all his Marines just die around him but he seems to have plenty more. Then there’s his girl, Sandra. I think she’s gone completely psycho! Once a normal if not aggressive young female, she’s been enhanced by nanites and some other alien biotics to where she is supergirl. But she has this complex about protecting Riggs. If there was anyone ever that could be considered “clingy”, this girl is it. She things everyone and everything is out to get Riggs and it’s her job to stop them. She doesn’t do this particularly well, but she sure scares the hell out of everyone that around her.

Then there’s this nanite brainbox partially given to Riggs by the Centaurs. Riggs calls him Marvin. He’s a very intelligent robot construct in that he builds himself into whatever he has lying around. He’s supposed to provide Riggs with information about the MACROS and other friendly civilizations but that doesn’t happen. Riggs and Marvin’s relationship starts out to one of caution. Riggs doesn’t trust Marvin and Marvin doesn’t trust humans. In the 3rd book, their conversations are almost robotic. Riggs asks questions and Marvin grudgingly answers if he feels like it. Now in this book, Riggs and Marvin act like they’re best buddies and have had a long-term relationship. The relationship doesn’t track from one book to another!

Great reading. There’s supposed to be a fifth book but I can’t find out when. I’ll be waiting for it because this last one certainly didn’t end the series or the story.


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