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5 Small Stars

This is the 3rd book in the series and it doesn’t stop for a breather. Colonel Kyle Riggs and his Star Force are now fighting for the Macros and they’re not happy doing it. But, if they want to live, Colonel Riggs and his Marines had better fight very, very well. After a quick trip through a “star gate” and then to a planet completely devoid of human life. In fact, the predominate life form here are worms. Small, large, big, and very, very big worms that are highly intelligent and armed! It’s Rigg’s job to drive to the bottom of a worm-made stronghold and do something that will conclude the mission.

For some strange reason, Riggs never fully asks the MACROS what are his mission paramaters. He goes into battle without knowing his ultimate goal until he has gotten a lot of his Marines killed! He also seems to be the only competent Marine in his entire unit because he has to lead every single mission or winds up being in the middle of everything. It’s certainly important that he has an improved body with nanites cause he certainly couldn’t keep up the pace he manages without being enhanced.

After finally getting told the endpoint of his mission, he gets there and does what he’s required. Now he’s ready to pull out only he has a big problem. There’s a giant worm coming to swallow his base camp and he doesn’t have time to pack everything up. So, he’s ready to pull up stakes and run except the MACROS don’t want him to leave all his stuff behind. He has to guarantee them that his unit will be effective even if they leave all the surplus equipment. They actually don’t need it since they are leaving a lot of dead Marines, also. Finally, he gets pulled out.

Don’t think Colonel Riggs and his Star Force Marines are headed home…he told the MACROS his unit was still an effective fighting unit. That means they go fight again!


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