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Wow! We’ve come a long, long way with the First Colony also known as New Earth. General Conner Gates is still here and he’s still doing his thing with the Colonial Defense Force (CDF) although he’s no longer the guy in charge, or should I say General in Command. That title belongs to Nathan Hayes, a young protégé he had previously trained and the only person Connor felt that could run the CDF as well as he had. General Gates wanted to spend more time with his wife, Lenora and his daughter, Lauren, so he stepped down. He’s enjoying his time with his family, but he’s still involved with the CDF and still very much interested in what the Krake are doing. And now, Lenora had a secret she needed to tell Connor.

The entire planet do expect the Krake to invade some day. While they hadn’t seen Krake scout ships anywhere near New Earth, they figured it was only a matter of time. Some of the jump gates that had been place around different universes also witness the arrival of Krake fleets so they knew the Krake were very active. Even thought General Gates would like to stay home and not leave his wife and child, when an alien Ovarrow ally Warlord calls and request your presence, you almost have to go.  Warlord Monin of the Gesora wasn’t one to get alarmed over anything minor, so Connor knew something important must have come up and he needed to see it in person. So, once again, off he goes to another universe.

What he finds is definitely something very, very significant. As have some of the recent CDF scouting reports indicated, the Krake are becoming more active everywhere. Now that activity has reached a fever pitch with the Krake invading and devastating entire planet. The Ovarrow are not naturally aggressive and they don’t do much to protect themselves from the Krake. They have in the past been slaves to the Krake, but managed to free themselves in some cases. Now the Krake seemed on destroying any Ovarrow settlements it could find. They were literally wiping out any and all civilizations on planets containing Ovarrow. That’s what Warlord Monin wanted General Gates to see with his own eyes. They had recorded several instances where the Krake had arrived through their space  gates and had started bombarding planets the WMDs. In addition to this, the Krake were establishing space gates on these planets and sending through hordes of massive wild animals. The creatures were monsters that eat anything alive when they came through the gates. They were tearing up entire planets. The Ovarrow had no where to go and they were dying by the millions. Why the Krake had suddenly started this barbaric terrorist tactic, no one knew for sure.

Still, General Gate now knew that he had to find the home planet of the Krake and he must do so immediately. How he’s going to accomplish that is not certain although he does have contact with a 5th Element inside the Krake. This Krake informer has the information Gates needs, it just not sure how he’s going to get that information from him. Then the informant  contact General Gates while he’s visiting with Warlord Monin. He’s about ready to tell Gates the location of the Krake home-world when he’s cut-off. And that’s about when the Krake start showing up over the planet the Warlord Monin and General Gates are meeting. It looks like the planet is going to be completely destroyed and the first thing to go was the space gate the humans had used to get to the planet. How are they now going to get home and even if they do, will New Earth still be there? They know that New Earth was on the Krake’s known planet list so they were pretty sure they were coming. While New Earth could defend itself, it just depending on how much the Krake sent to destroy the planet. Something or someone has to stop them.

This would appear to be the end of this series and it’s ran a good course. We’ve come a long way from Earth and lived through the establishment and defense of New Earth once already. Now comes what might be the final defense. Will the New Earth survive or will they have to put all their hopes in the new colony that will be leaving for another planet three-light years away. Will, I will tell you there is going to be a 12th book, “Impulse”, and it’s already available on Amazon. I’m going to read it just to find out what could possibly be in this book after how this current one ended.

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