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If I were to write a Sci-Fi book, this would be it.  This has got everything that I like about science fiction. Our hero is, of course, Jake Corby. He’s an older guy (three cheers for older guys) that has the right attitude. He’s also smart and willing to help out when the President of the United States calls.

He also gets to meet Charli.  Charli is a Presidential Advisor. She’s very, very smart like a Presidential Adviser should be (although the current group doesn’t appear that way). She knows that the President and his current group of top thinkers can’t solve this new problem by themselves. And the President wants Jake Corby on his team to help with this problem.

And what is this problem. Well, meet Walter Cronkite. He’s an alien and he wants to control the world. Now if you knew Mr. Cronkite, you’d know him as the world’s most trusted man alive at the time he was living. You’d also know that Walter Cronkite did die quiet a few year ago, so why should we even think about trusting this alien Cronkite?

And then, there were fewer of us to worry about the problem; fewer humans to feed, fewer to fight over stuff. Just a lot fewer of us after Mr. Cronkite’s visit. So, it doesn’t look good for the planet Earth.

Still, we’ve got Mr. Jake Corby, the world’s best problem solver on the case. What’s his solution? Read the book. It’s really, really good. I like the writing style and the humor. I think you’re going to like it too!

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