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“The AntiTerrorist”


5 Small Stars
The Antiterrorist

Wow! What an exciting short story! This “book” starts off with Jake getting taken prisoner, beaten up and then getting rescued by Seal Teams! What a typical start for a Jake Corby Novel. The action seems to continue non-stop. I won’t reveal the plot, but Jake has to save the Astronauts bacon while they are in the Orbital Space Lab! Now, figure that one out.

The writing is really good. The story flows really well and I like the sarcastic humor coming from Jake Corby. I can almost see myself saying or at least thinking some of the same stuff he says or thinks. Sometimes it would be better if Jake did just think his sarcastic thoughts instead of blurting the right out. It tends to make the bad guys pretty mad at him.

Now, you’ve probably noticed that I put the word “book” in quotes in my first paragraph. That’s because I was very surprised at how short this “book” really was. I’m not a speed ready by any measure, but I finished the entire “book” in about two hours. Yeah, I was constantly reading with no interruptions, but I don’t ever finish a book that quickly. This book is just that short; good, but short. So, if you’re looking for a quick, but exciting read, this is it!

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