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“Realms of Time”


5 Small Stars
Realms of Time

This is a really good series of books.  Starting out in a scrapyard doesn’t sound like a promising start to a science fiction story but that’s where it starts and that’s where this books ends.

Captain Jason Reynolds has been off trying to find out what is going on with the Caldurian’s and one in particular, Granger.  It turns out that while Granger was thought to be a friend, he’s turning out just the opposite.  He’s now threatening Jason asking him to turn over the Lily has some very advance technology the Caldurian’s don’t want Earth to have right now.  And to enforce the threat, Granger launches five drones towards Earth.  Their activation could send Earth civilization back a 100 years or more.

Jason takes a very innovative action to stop the Caldrian ship the Minian.  In fact, his actions result in the capture of the Minian while at the same time the disappearance of all the Minian’s crew.  Now it’s up to Jason, with the help of Ricket, a robotic Caring, to figure out how to stop the five drones circling Earth from activating.

This takes you down to the planet where you start experiencing some very strange time period changes.  Earth is fluctuating between different pasts.  Some places are in the dinosaur age while others have advance 30,000 years into the future. Jason and his bunch have to find all five of these drones and then find a way to deactivate each one before they link together and throw Earth back a 100 or even a 1000 years in the past.

The story line continues with the same characters and introduces new ones in this book.  Although Nan, Jason’s ex-wife does get killed, she is a live at the end of the book.  You’ll have to read the entire book to find out how this happens.

Fast paced action, lots of interesting science and some good fighting.


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