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“Planet Genocide 1”


4 Small Stars
Planet Genocide 1

I believe this is a continuation of the “When Galaxies Collide” series, but the author doesn’t seem to title his books that way. On the cover, there’s no mention of the series name, but the story is a continuation from the first two books, “The Last Marine in the Galaxy” and “The Red Leopards of Zaxon B”.

The previous books dealt with the 100 year war going on between the Trevakians and the Morgans. The Trevakians are human-like aliens that have a huge galactic empire which has been devastated by the war with the Morgans. The Morgans are a lizard-like race of aliens who relish in the act of war. They have no concept of mercy and do not take prisoners. The Morgans also consume their victims once they initially find them palatable. The Morgans have far superior weapons, armor, and fighters than do the Trevakians. A Trevakians contingent, led by Admiral Karladen came to Earth to seek help in their 100-year war. They had no idea that Earth was basically a defenseless planet with warfighting between Earth nations only taking place on irregular basis. At the time the Trevakian Admiral landed on Earth, there were no large scale wars going on and most of the planet was pretty peaceful.

Then the Morgans showed up having followed Admiral Karladen’s small fleet. They also brought two massive warships which quickly defeated the smaller Trevakian space vessels orbiting Earth. Now, the Morgans are free to land assault troops any where on Earth. And, unknown to humans, the Morgans have known about this planet for centuries. They were even hiding on the planet in the most unsuspecting places just waiting for the order to awake and begin a devastating attack against the human population. That signal has just arrived!

This books is pretty brutal, in that, the Morgans are ruthless killers. They kill with both projectile and energy weapons and have no hesitation in using poison gas which eats anything it touches. But, the Morgan soldiers prefer to use long, razor-sharp swords when attacking humans. They enjoy hacking off limbs while the victim is still alive. The book could have been a lot more gruesome, but it gets the point across without doing so. Humans are not prepared for the type of surprise attack the Morgans spring. It’s total surprise against unarmed and defenseless humans without end.

If this book is still part of a series, which I believe it is, then it’s a very good thing the author has more to tell. This book would not be a very good ending to anything. It is one disaster after another for the humans all over the Earth. Not one nation seems to escape the Morgan’s attack although some attacks are less in strength than others. Additionally, Earth has no weapons to stop the Morgans. Our bullets seem to just bounce off the Morgans protective armor with only an occasional wounding when a bullet hits a joint or neck area. Even our large weapons have no impact since most large Morgan vehicles have 360 degree shields. It’s not easy reading a book that gives absolutely no hope for your side. Humans are constantly being slaughtered with ease even when engaged with our best military strength. I was hoping that I would read some where that the Morgans had a weakness that humans could exploit, but that never happened.

The book ends rather suddenly. Without some kind of external help, Earth will shortly become a conquered planet. And there is no indication of any kind from the author that this will not be the end results of this series. That’s not a very pleasant idea. It makes a good story, and we all like to win, there’s no winning anything in this book.

3 thoughts on ““Planet Genocide 1””

  1. Andrew McGregor

    Hi Guardsix6

    Thank you for your kind review of my book above, the observations I have noted.

    The battle continues in Zaxon B: The Final Struggle and I will be publishing two more of the series this year.

    Anyway, thought it best to drop you a line. All the best for 2017!

    Many Thanks and Best Regards

    Andrew McGregor

    1. Andrew,

      I just finished “Zaxon B: The Final Struggle”. You sure know how to depress someone. Those Heathrow employees sure earned their pay this time, even David Bland. I knew someone was going to find some help somewhere, it was just a long time coming.

      After all the gruesome stuff we went through with the Morgans cutting people’s heads off, and eating their body parts, it would have been nice to see more descriptions of how the Morgans got what was coming to them. I think we needed another chapter to describe the terror and the horror that the Morgans felt when the tide of battle had turned against them. We sure read enough about the agony the Trevakians and humans had to suffer.

      Maybe some of this will show up in the next book when Earth has to defend itself. I sure hope we humans make a better show of it than we had done so far. We need to get the plans for those new laser rifles into our manufacturing process and start spitting them out for every man, woman, and 18 year old kid. I think Texas citizens have got enough guns and ammo at home to fight a small war on our own.

      Keep up the great writing. How are your fellow employees at Heathrow taking the books. Do they recognize themselves in any of the characters?

      Take care.

      Jim C.

      1. Andrew McGregor

        Hi Guardsix6

        Many Thanks for the positive feedback. The next book, Planet Genocide II will be scheduled for release around May/June this year with the follow up in late Autumn. More should be revealed in these I think…the war goes on.

        My colleagues at work seem to enjoy the experience from the feedback I have received. The ones that are actually featured were chosen because of their exceptional commitment to our passengers and I always smile when I recall how they were selected. I devised a shortlist of people and set a particular day to walk around randomly…the first ones I chanced to ‘bump into’ I would ask if they wished to participate and have a character loosely based on them. All stated they wished to be included without hesitation, they are good people. A couple have advised that they recognize certain characteristics and motivations, that the actions are very ‘them’, which is quite rewarding…no story lines were ever discussed with them in advance.

        Anyway, I had better get back to writing…you are reading the works faster than I produce them at present (lol).

        Many thanks for the feedback and observations.

        Best Regards

        Andrew McGregor

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