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“Zaxon B: The Final Struggle”


5 Small Stars
Zaxon B: The Final Struggle

A new year and an ending to a bloody battle, maybe? This is the book you’ve been waiting for if you’ve been following this series about the improbable situations with the Heathrow Airport employees. Several such airport employees found themselves modeling new and fantastic military uniforms from the Trevakian military aboard the first alien ship to land on Earth. Several of these airport employees were simply security personnel that obviously had the first opportunity to make contact with the Trevakian starship when it sat down on the runway. The Trevakians came to Earth hoping to find an advanced ally that could help them in their war with the Morgans. Unfortunately, Earth is no where near as advanced as needed, but we can supply raw military manpower. And we have been doing just that once we found out what the Trevakians desperately needed.

Again, through some weird circumstances, several Heathrow employees were caught up in the excitement of meeting an alien race and were amazed with their advanced military tech. They donned some fancy tactical Trevakian uniforms with helmet displays and superior weapons to supposedly show the Earth’s military what we would get if we would supply the manpower the Trevakians needed. Again, and unfortunately, these Heathrow airport employees found themselves swept up on the military movement to Zaxon B where heavy, heavy fighting was taking place. None of these Heathrow airport employees are qualified to be part of the Trevakian military. They almost don’t qualify to be part of the human military although some have a little military background, but nothing like the live combat they are thrown into. So, after many days and weeks just trying to survive on Zaxon B, we find an amazing number of our Heathrow airport employees still alive. But, maybe not for long.

Even the airport manager, David Bland got himself involved in this mess. He set out to recover all this employees and to make sure the Trevakians knew they have made a terrible mistake and had taken untrained humans into serious combat. Some in the Trevakian military understood what that meant and were attempting to extract these humans from immediate danger, but the conditions on Zaxon B were not helping. The planet is almost ready to be conquered by the Morgans. The Morgans do not take prisoners. They kill and then eat their conquered foes. David Bland got himself on a shuttle that was headed to Zaxon B but was chased back into space by Morgan star-fighters. His craft, flown by a Trevakian pilot was damaged and couldn’t turn back towards the planet or the space station, Alexion One. So, they flew onward all the way to another galaxy (really, in a small shuttle????!!!) And here they are captured by the Fahimians. Who and what the Fahimians are is key to the rest of the story. That’s what you’ll want to read about.

The space station, Alexion One, has been boarded by Morgans and they are systematically capturing each deck. They do not appear to be stoppable. There are only so many people on the space station and not all are combat qualified, but they will die for their station and civilization since they have no choice. On the ground, there is now nothing to stop the Morgan’s advance. They have complete control of the skys and can strike any where at any time they choose. They can now either starve the Trevakians out or begins slaughtering them as they choose. It’s pretty bleak.

Surely you don’t think the author left the book end this way. Maybe, maybe not. You’ll have to read it to find out. It’s a great read, not all that long, but not all that short either. And either way this story ends, Earth has it’s own trouble. If some how there are any Trevakians left, they or someone is going to have to help Earth defend itself. That’s going to be another great book in this series.

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