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“Clad in Steel”


5 Small Stars
Clad in Steel

This was a very good story. Why it’s part of the Satori series is beyond me. There is only one small mention of the Satori anywhere in this book. I think the author needs to just write books without using the Satori tag as the previous two books have not involved the Satori at all. I did like the stories of the Starship Satori, but it’s gone and these book are about something entirely different.

We start his one with an Academy Cadet who is in trouble. Owen Mcinness faces a disciplinary board that will determine his future in the Academy. As a Senior, Mcinness was close to graduation and he was tops in his class. He has driven himself relentlessly since getting the opportunity to fulfill his ultimate goal and that was to get into space. The Academy would have converted him into a fine, decent military officer and maybe a pilots billet in the Air Force. He could have even had a good shot of becoming a starship fighter pilot or of even commanding his own starship into battle.

But now, he’s dismissed from the Academy. Yep, thrown out. He could have faced some hard time in a federal prison, but his exemplary record and the circumstances of his disciplinary board saved him from that fate. But not by much. Own Mcinness has a temper; one that he cannot control. It had almost gotten him into trouble in several other instances, but this latest one was a serious out-of-control display that would not be tolerated in a future Air Force officer.

So, what was he to do? His parents had been killed while he was very young. He was there when it happened. That experience has been bottled up in him for a long time. It spills forth with his fury and often gets him into serious trouble. Oh, he has a right to get mad, but not to take the actions his fury pushes him to do.

Then he gets a second chance. A chance that might get him into space, but might also get his mind straight so he can finally control his raging temper. He had better get it under control because he’s going to face the same aliens that killed his parents. but under very different circumstances.

Good book, but I think this story ends here. Not sure how they could go on with Owen Mcinness, but sci-fi writers can just about do anything.

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