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“Time of Destruction”


5 Small Stars
Time of Destruction

Something different for all you military science fiction readers. This is definitely not military. I do take a break from all that shooting and killing stuff, although this book does wind up killing several billion people; yes, that’s billions of people! Quite the slaughter if I may say so, and they don’t even know what happened!

So you’re working on a new type of energy device called and an IPT (Interdimensional Power Transmitter). It opens up a portal to the interdimention where time stops and power is available in unlimited quantities and allows us in this dimension to draw that power for our use. This would obviously revolutionize the energy industry over night if one were in fact perfected. Of course, anytime you’re dealing with a power source, especially an unlimited power source, you have to be very, very careful. There is a possibility that you could open that portal and destroy our entire world. Not something you should take lightly. Unfortunately, there are people who exist in this world that don’t want the IPT to be a success.

You’ll meet several brilliant scientist who are working on the IPT development. Sometimes the cast of characters gets kind of confusing in that we have another little twist that involves time travel. Now, I’m not one that really believes in time travel of any kind, there’s just too much that could go wrong and I see no evidence that anyone in our timeline has gone back to fix anything, but the story here makes kind of plausible sense in the way time travel is presented and the results of someone’s actions when they go back in time. If this is getting confusing, read the book. It’s a good story. We have good guys/gals and bad guys (no bad gals). We have colonized the moon and have a permanent space colony orbiting near the moon with about ten thousand residents. So, this story is in the future. But it’s also in the past of that future and then some in the far, far past so you’ll have to read the book to understand any of this.

I liked the characters although the existence of some were explained better than others. Also, the author conveniently left out some important information, like who invented the time travel jackets and how did they come into the possession of Aisha and Nicholas? Also, there’s this confusing point about how the time travel jackets are powered. In one place it says “Stardust” is required and such “Stardust” can be harvested in the interdimention once a fully functional IPT is working. So, towards the end of the book when an IPT is fully functional, why do they still lament the fact that they are running out of Stardust and the time travel jackets won’t be usable any more? I might write and ask that question of the author.

Still, this is a good story, just not my normal kind. It’s kind of hard not to see paradoxes being created, but they don’t seem to be a problem for our time travelers. Even when they meet themselves nothing really happens immediately. So, get ready for some heavy brain work. Time of Destruction might become a series, but I’m not sure what the point of that would be.

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