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The small group of Rhila survivors have found a mountain cavern on Leonis B where they established a basecamp. Here they got some rest and sleep and continue their harassment of the Orcs who were landing in the area searching for them.  survival operations. The Orcs didn’t know exactly where the survivors were located and that was fine with SSG Vanhorn. He planned to go out away from the mountain basecamp and strike at the Orcs so as to distract them from the mountains. He could do this since he was equipped with his laser rifle and his Gnahii sniper rifle, also laser capable.  Both his weapons out-ranged anything the Orcs had by a considerable amount. So, if he kept his distance and prepped the battleground with IEDs, he could effectively herd the Orcs into his killing field and do a great deal of damage to them.

Of course, if they did find him and could get within range of their plasma weapons, he would be done for. Currently, he was apparently the only one willing to go into harms way even though Sgt. Baker was also a TAC-Marine, but one that had no combat experience. SSG Vanhorn believed Sgt Baker was a bully and a coward. He avoided every opportunity to go outside the basecamp and engage the enemy. Still, 2nd Lieutenant Jordan Holly and SSG Vanhorn knew they had to keep the Orcs away from their basecamp or all would be lost.

After numerous unsuccessful attacks by the Orcs, both Jordan and Vanhorn knew they had to do something drastic. They had to go to the Orc’s camp and see if they could destroy their powerful laser cannon. It had brought down the Rhila and if the Fleet were to return, that cannon had to be taken out. So, they made a plan and SSG Vanhorn was going to execute it, only Lt. Holly stated she was going along. She was Navy and not a ground combatant, but someone needed to cover SSG Vanhorn’s backside and  all the other survivors were need to keep the basecamp secure.

Needless to say, this was going to be a very serious and dangerous mission. How it turns out could very well determine whether or not the Rhila survivors could be rescued even if the fleet did show up. And it still was going to be a pretty good while before the fleet reacted to their previously sent message even if it got through to Earth. So, there was a lot of unknowns going. The biggest problem was that the leadership of the small survivor group, Lt. Holly and SSG Vanhorn were both going to be gone and if they were killed or captured, the rest wouldn’t last very long.

There was also the question of what happen and where were the other potential survivors of the Rhila’s destruction. Surely there were more than the few at the mountain basecamp that made it down safely. Were they captured by the Orcs and if so, where were they being held. Could a rescue be made and even if that could be done, what was the risk?

A lot to find out in this book. SSG Vanhorn very definitely proves he’s still got the skills needed for a warfighter. He certainly could us a lot of help, but he’s not getting much from this small group.  Maybe he’ll find something or someone else who can provide some help! He just certainly needs to avoid getting captured. Orcs don’t normally kept captives around very long.

The story isn’t over. There’s certainly more coming in the third book, “Resistance”, which I’ve already started reading.

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