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I guess I read and reviewed this book the first time in Jan of 2013. I usually don’t re-read and re-review books, but this author has put out so many good military books lately and the previous review of this book was pretty bad. I think I’ve somewhat upgrade my review capabilities so I’m going to do this second review like it should have been done the first time.

It does seem that we’ve been with Constable Caleb Mitchell and his wife, Rachel, are living on the planet Canaan after having gone through a very disturbing and extensive war with the Tahni. He is now a Constable semi-enjoying his new life with his wife. Then he gets called to a meeting with some strange dude name “Skinner”. This guy was responsible for making modifications to humans so they could be “enhanced”. Mitchell just thought they were freaks and there were a lot of t hose around the office they were meeting in. But, he was actually introduced to another person there by the name of Captain Kara McIntire. From that meeting all sorts of problems arise. The first of which was the sudden and unexpected attack on the entire building they were in for the meeting. And this attack wasn’t just some guns and robbers thing. No, they have heavy weapons and were bringing down the building.

Mitchell manages to get himself and Captain McIntire out of the mess and finds out later that the attack was done by a cult group called the Predecessors. They believed that an intelligent ancient alien race, our Predecessors, were coming back to uplift humanity to a higher plane of existence. They had no proof whatsoever and were considered a nuisance until today. Mitchell didn’t know who their target of the attack was until he had time to talk with Captain McIntire. She had some story to tell about an archeological find that appeared to be of alien origin. She had reported the location of the archeological site to her superiors within the Corporal Council and thought that was the end of it. She knew something was wrong when here shuttle was blown up by what appeared to be members of the Corporate Security Force. Now she’s on the run and asking for Caleb Mitchell’s help.

You’ll find out that Caleb Mitchell is not your ordinary Constable. He’s an enhanced human from the war and is almost impossible to put down for any length of time. While he can take a lot of punishment, he can also dish it out and people who get in his way don’t last very long. So, he and Captain McIntire go to find the leader of this Cult on planet Canaan to find out who told them to make the attack. You’ll find out that Mitchell doesn’t do much in the way of subtle actions. He invades the cult compound and takes what he needs back for interrogation. Now we’re going to find out just how big this whole mess is going to get and it includes the current President of the Commonwealth and the discovery of aliens.

Has the Predecessor Cults predictions come true. Is there a master race of aliens coming to Earth? We’ll read and find out. It’s pretty exciting reading and there are a few mistakes made by people that should have have known better. One big mistake was the kidnapping of Caleb Mitchell’s wife, Rachel. If there’s one thing people should know, it’s that you don’t mess with Mitchell’s family! Very good story line and I’m glad I re-read this book. I didn’t know the first time I read it that it was going to be a series, but there is a second book out, “Northwest Passage” and it’s on my reading list. In fact, this is a three-part series with “Enemy of My Enemy” being the third and final book. All are available on Amazon.

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