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5 Small Stars

This is the second book I’ve read by Rick Partlow and I like his writing. The first book was “Duty, Honor, Planet” and it was an excellent read although a little liberal with the young characters.

In this book, the characters are well described and appear very capable of doing what is described. The author gets pretty technical in describing everything from the bionic implants in certain individuals to describing the star drive and how it works. He also likes his weapons, describing a number of them in great detail usually while they are in use.

I like the story line and if you like good old detective stories, this will fit right in. The only difference with this and a Sam Spade story is that this takes place way in the future and has people flying around to different planets. I like that kind of stuff. Some you can relate to and some you cannot. The story flows pretty rapidly with some kind of action on every page. While I hated to stop reading for a night, there were places that felt right to just stop and continue on the next day.

I hope there are more books with the same characters. The story leaves it open to that happening although there is nothing in this Kindle version that would lead me to believe that a sequel is forthcoming. Too bad.

I need to find more books by this author. If you read the two I’ve mentioned, you won’t be disappointed.


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