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“The Battle for Commitment Planet”


4 Small Stars
The Battle for Commitment Planet

Final book that is in print, but not the final book of the series, I hope! The premise for this book is pretty stupid. Here a Lt. in the Federation Space Fleet has knowledge that his sweetheart has been captured and is about to be tortured and killed unless he turns himself over to the enemy! Now, it sure is a good thing that stuff like this doesn’t happen in real life.

He’s off to rescue his girl friend just like it’s an every day thing to do. He doesn’t tell anyone except his XO (Executive Officer) about the dastardly message he got from his girl friends jailer but once his XO knows, everybody knows.

They concoct this plan to go save his love life not knowing that anything they do would doom her anyway and even if they could get close to her, the enemy would kill her anyway.

So off we go on this idiotic mission that can’t really happen but it makes for some entertaining reading. At least the author has a creative imagination.

I’m not sure how this whole series is going to end but I sure which Lt. Helfort would get promoted to something beyond a Lt. No matter what happens, his uniform won’t be able to hold all the medales he’s going to earn or maybe he’ll just get shot and be done with it!

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