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5 Small Stars

I have read the previous two books about three high school kids who found an alien space ship and found them to be entertaining. I had thought that the second book was the end of this series but I’m happy to say it was not.

Now, again, I have a story about their exploits which become much more deadly and dangerous. They manage to get themselves entered in a National Science contest with their development of a cold fusion device. While other scientist have been working on this kind of project, these kids actually build a working model and take it to the contest. After wining the National Award, they are accused of cheating and using the work of another scientific team without giving the proper credit. Seems like minor stuff and it is but it starts causing all sorts of problems for these kids.

If you have read the other two books, you’ll know that these kids have been enhanced by the alien space ship. One, the male, finds his physical abilities have grown far beyond any human. He can run fast, jump higher, and just do physical things that are not natural for a high school kid. Both girls have been affected too. One has developed a greater than genius level of understanding about computers and networks. There isn’t any computer or network on earth that she can’t break into. And then other girl seem so have developed the ability to glimpse into the future.

Needless to say, this trio starts causing a lot of people a lot and I mean a lot of trouble. For some strange reason, the youngest female decides to up and leave home going to Las Vegas of all places. Her she starts hacking into huge money accounts mostly held by dangerous drug lords in South America. While she thinks she’s immune to detection, she finds out the hard way when one of the drug lords and his goons take her back to his place in South America.

From there it’s a matter of her brother and friend tracking her down using their special abilities. There is national intrigue when the President of the US tries to release a nanobyte serum to all of Africa to help with their disease and starvation. It gets stopped for some very interesting reasons.

There are several plots and subplots in this book. I think you’ll find it a very entertaining read.


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