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“Contact – Find the Missing; Fear the Found”


5 Small Stars

This is the second book in the series. The first book, in case you missed it, was titled, “Abduction”. You’ll need to read that one to figure out what in whole is going on in this one.

Last time we read, our hero had just mysteriously walked out of his underground bunker that he spent many weeks trying to reach from New York City. His bunker in somewhere in the vicinity of Vail, Colorado. Meyer Dempsey was a self-made billionaire so he could build just about anything he wanted, anywhere he wanted it. For reasons only known to him, he chose this land in Colorado. It was to be a family get-away, but then Meyer started “knowing something was about to happen”.

Then the alien ships showed up coming from Jupiter. The telescopes on the back side of the moon capture six objects that clearly had to be made by someone heading for Earth. So, what did everyone on Earth do? They went crazy of course! People started thinking they had to get out of the big cities or go somewhere other than where they were. They had definitely seen too many sic-fi shows on TV. It pretty much turned into chaos right after the videos of the alien ships were shown on national TV.

Meyer Dempsey, even with his billions, rounded up his family and headed for Colorado. How they got there and their adventure on the way is the content of the first book. This book is about what happens after Meyer was “taken” by an alien ship. No, it’s not about his contact with the aliens so I don’t know why the title say “Contact”.

The Dempsey Family, minus Meyer plus his ex-wife Heather, are in the underground bunker for the duration of the alien visitation or for however long it takes. They may be in the bunker for a long, long time. On top of the bunker has grown a hippy community which have gathered here because it was the place that Meyer Dempsey was taken. There are always going to be people who want to be “taken” so they figure this is the place to be and we’ll just wait. They are squatting on the land and unfinished house. But, there are others who know of the secure door to something in the pantry of the house. They’re not sure what is on the other side of the door, but they have a suspicion that’s strong enough to make them want to break in.

So, these five or six guys, all definitely the type you want to invite into your house, are making an effort to break into the underground bunker. Now that Meyer has left, none of the occupants know anything about how the bunker is supposed to operate. For doomsday prepers, they sure did a bad job.

Do the bad guys get into the bunker? I don’t know, you have to read the book. What about the aliens? There are stories about some of the “taken” being returned. Will Meyer Dempsey ever return? The story continues to be exciting and somewhat unpredictable. Being enclosed in an underground bunker for a long period of time might not be pleasant for even the sanest people and I don’t think all of the Dempsey family is sane to start with. This covers a lot of the emotional turmoil going on with each of the characters in the bunker plus some others. We get some insight into what is happening, but not much. This book makes for a good reason to have to read the next book. I enjoyed it and think you will too.

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