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5 Small Stars

This book made me mad, but, that’s not bad, really. I believe that when an author(s) can cause an emotional reaction from an unknown reader, then they have done a masterful job of writing, in my very humble opinion. What they did exactly was to make me angry. See I don’t think our civilization is really, really nuts! I know there are lots of kooks out there, but you got to give most people some credit. I don’t think everyone would act like the book says in just the first few days.

Now, what did they do? Well, as this is somewhat in the future, we’ve got a telescope on the backside of the moon. It happens to be pointing towards Jupiter at just the right time when bam! Several relatively large round objects are spotted heading for Earth. Of course we have satellites located strategically located around the moon to transmit these pictures to everyone on the internet. There’s an immediate wave of panic from the general Earth population. And that’s what I don’t get.

The thing is, these objects are at least six day away! Six days! So, why does the authors start immediately having everyone on our planet running around in blind panic. Riots break out and people become really, really stupid when not a single thing has happened. I don’t believe that would be the case. Of course, I’m an optimist, and certainly not a writer, but you got six days before what ever is in these round balls even get to our planet. Why panic now? You didn’t see the good people of Earth do that in the 1951 classic, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, right?

So, the book got me angry right at the start. Then we meet the Dempsey family; the very, very rich Dempsey family. Meyer Dempsey is a billionaire mogul who is also a closet survivalist. He’s known something was going to happen and has been preparing for many, many years. How he knows is for you to find out.

The Dempsey family lives in New York City. Meyer Dempsey says they have to get out of NYC immediately after hearing the first report of the alien objects heading towards Earth. Now, as far as I know, no one else has had this kind of forewarning that something is going to happen other than Meyer, but everyone in New York City starts going crazy. Why, I don’t know. But, that makes it a harder for the Dempsey family to move on out of the city.

The rest of the book follows this families journey across America for the next six days. Where the heck are they going? Well, Meyer had a secret bunker built below a typical vacation home in Vail, Colorado. His plan is to grab his family, fly his private jet, to some where close to Vail, land and scramble to safety in their fully stocked, forever bunker. Well, his plan fell apart right at the start, as do most plans.

You’ll get to know the Dempsey family pretty well. There’s also an ex-wife who is still in love with her ex-husband and the new wife thinks that’s OK. You’ll also meet a couple of teenagers, brother and sister, who have got the surly, know-it-all, idiotic attitude that seems to infect all teenagers. They even pickup an extra member, the daughters boy friend, who you just know is going to get killed at some point. All extras always do, right?

Do they make it to Vail, Co. by plane, car or do they walk. The days are counted down for you so right there the authors have your throat constricting. We’re all afraid of the unknown and these alien ball bearing heading for Earth are as unknown as you can get. A very, very exciting book. I hope it makes you mad too!

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